Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We love texting :)

Texting is just about the only way we can communicate on a regular basis. Once he's home from work, we are going in a million different directions, running the kids, going from place to place, fixing dinner, helping #1 with homework, etc. We rarely have moments alone. 

The kids have a soft bedtime of 8:30, no later than 9. My bedtime is 10, usually. There's not much room in there for discussions or catching up on television, or whatever ;) 

Generally getting the kids in bed is a daunting task with #2. She's up and down the stairs at least 3x a night. Drives. Us. Bonkers. We threaten, ask nicely, try anything we can to keep her in bed. But it's still hard to have much time for us when she's consistently interrupting. 

Texting works for us. He can check his phone several times throughout the day and we don't get sidetracked when the words are clearly written out. Even if its an hour in between replies.. We can stay on topic. It just works. 

It's just another way I can feel connected to him, too. He will occasionally send me little notes to let me know he's thinking of me. I think we both find it easier to discuss important, touchy subjects when we are texting. It doesn't substitute talking in real life, but sometimes any conversation is better than none. 

Yesterday we text-discussed ttwd and how it's working for us. He sent::

I've been dying to do some maintenance and really wanted to this weekend. Really and truly. I blew an opportunity yesterday (Sunday) when the kids went to ____, but you started cooking at the same time so that pretty much killed that. Idk how long it's been, but it's been too long and it needs to happen. You haven't been in trouble but I probably need to start adding more rules. Not for the purpose of increasing your odds of getting in trouble, but maybe just to help you. 
I want go ahead and plan on doing maintenance tonight. 

If we would've had this conversation in person, we would've gotten interrupted 49 times and sidetracked at least 5. Lol :) 

We have two kids that aren't feeling well, so maintenance didn't happen. He was late getting home from his fire meeting anyway, I'm sure I probably looked like a zombie when he got home. Lol. 

Maybe tonight :) 



  1. Oh Elle, fingers crossed for tonight, we have luckily had the day together;). Good job we have because my hubby will only text if it's life or death. He hates it, I text him when he is working and If I get a reply its a miracle. Not complaining though , it's just his way, I am so surprised when he texts me that I save them sometimes!! The last one said "are you sitting comfortably?" cheeky devil. Good luck for tonight
    love Jan.xx

  2. I hope you can find the time. Right now I'm on daily maintenance so you are welcome to throw some sympathy my way. LOL.

  3. don't you love modern conveniences!? good for you. there's more than one way to skin a cat!


  4. Texting is all my "H" and I can do now while he's away at work, the company blocked all chatting and messaging services!

    Hoping you get some "attention" in the maintenance department soon - Oh and we have a little bed time monster, well, three of them actually, but only one is up and down the stairs a million times! I swear I need a lock on the outside of her door!

    "H" and I sometimes only get 1 hour from when he gets home and we get the twins in bed for the night, then the other kids... 1 hour of alone time. It completely sucks!
    I hate when he works long days.

    Take care!


  5. Hi Elle, we do quite a bit of texting too, both generally and about important issues and ttwd. It does keep me feeling connected when we are apart. We also have certain text rules when we are apart. I am to check in with him via text at certain times so that he knows where I am at and that I am safe.

    I'm glad to hear it works for you and hope you do get that chance to properly reconnect soon.


  6. Glad texting works for you Elle. We don't text hardly at all. I tried 'sexting' once and it went down like a lead balloon!

    Hope you get your reconnection. Hope you also get some warmer weather and sunshine so the kids' health improves. It's tough with small children when they are sick.



  7. Lol we text and FB message each other all day. We do silly one, just different smilies, fight, organise and basically do the majority of our conversation through the day that way. Till he comes home, but even then if one is in a different room, we might text something daft lol

    I hope you got your reconnection x

  8. Texting seems to be the way Bucko and I have started to communicate more. He sends me emails during the day. I find we do more communicating now than we ever did before. It's pretty fantastic. :D

  9. It is so great though that even with life getting in the way, it's still on his mind and on his heart, and he's still wanting to make this work for you guys. :) I am glad you have texting. Makes me want to get a phone so that I can do that with the Duke. :)

  10. That was a sweet text! LOL...have I mentioned how well you two are communicating?

    I'll stop now...

  11. It's all about communication, isn't it?

  12. Aw, well i'm glad you guys found a way that works for communicating ..texting sounds like the perfect way to do so!

  13. I completely get this. Hope you find the reconnection soon. I had arranged for my 4 to be away for tues night and then we got a call to comeback get the littlest , she got sick so over 2 hrs in the car back and forth to pick her up. (not to mention the 2 driving there and back to drop them.) Notime and not in the mood. We love texting too. He is gone 14 hrs a day 7 days aweek. I just wanted to say also i love your blog, I'm not much of a writer. But I read a few and am totally inspired by all of you. Tess, Stormy and Sara. Thanks so much for your courage and honesty

  14. Doesn't really matter how you're communicating, just matters that you are :) Hope you got to maintenance and mutual stress relief, and hope the rules don't cause scrunchy-face-syndrome :)