Friday, November 30, 2012

Intro Post!

Hello blogland! 
I thought for my first post, I'd just start with my background.  I am 28, going to be 29 in January.  Hubz just turned 32 this month.  We have been married almost seven years, been together almost 10!! We have three beautiful kids, 2 girls and 1 baby boy.  I stay at home, while he has a really good job.  He's on the fire department at that job, then also on a volunteer department close to home also.  

We've mostly always gotten along great, of course ups and downs like every marriage.  Then we had the huge "this is over" fight.  This wasn't just a fight.. it was like ww3.  Horrible.  Somehow, we stayed in, God gave us the baby boy, and our lives changed for the (so much) better.  

Of course like most of the rest of America (and many other countries) I read 50 shades.  I read all three books in like a week and a half.  I am a quick reader, but I was completely sucked in.  If you read it, you know, the writing quality isn't great, but the story line is pretty intriguing.  (Yes, after reading some blogs, I know it's not a true D/s relationship and there are tons of critics.)  

I ended up researching.  I didn't want exactly that relationship, but I wanted something like it. The security of someone watching over me and needing me in that way, too.  I wanted the authoritative man.  And I googled.  I googled and googled until I found a few blogs.  (I won't name them until I get their permission!!) I found what I really wanted was Domestic Discipline.  I found the most informative blog, researched so much on the subject.  I read so much information and I just knew that was what we needed.  

I had been in control.  I had made the final decision on so many things and I knew I hated it.  I just wanted hubz to step up and take the lead, but I didn't know how to do it.  I didn't know what to say, but that blog had everything outlined for me.  

I got courage and somehow brought it up.  I had assembled notes and had everything ready. I owe so much to the blog writer and his wife who also has a blog.  I'm still surprised that he didn't run away.  Immediately.  LOL, after a few days, he said if I would have suggested it years ago, he probably would've.  We are just in a good place now.  A very good place!!

We are still super new to ttwd, but I'm loving it and he is too.  We didn't set an expiration date, he just said if we're going to do it, we're going to do it.  And I'm ok with that :) 

That's all for now!! 
xo ~ elle