Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I had no idea it has been all summer since I've visited blogger! 

I have popped in a time or two to read, quickly, but I don't think I've commented or anything in quite some time. I thought that I had posted sometime over the summer, but apparently it's been since May! Time really does fly, doesn't it? 

As always, we are busy. All 3 kids are at school for the majority of the week. My little preschooler doesn't go every single day, so we still get to spend some one-on-one time together. It's great.  I'm not one of those moms who relishes when school season begins again. I dread it. I dread it with everything in me. It's nice to have a few minutes to myself to watch something *I* want to watch- which almost never happens, lol. But, after a few minutes, that gets boring and it's too quiet here.  

Even now, all I hear is the clicking of the keys. Booooorrrriiinnnggggggg.  

I can't wait for the day when Fireman can make impromptu trips home for lunch. We will be living a little closer to his work, so maybe we can work that out. Nothing like a house to yourselves during the day ;) 

Please, please, please update me about all of you in my comments. I'll try to go back and read some today too, so I can try to catch up, but I'm afraid I will miss something.  Please let me know how you've all been doing!! 

To update on Fireman and myself.. we are doing well.  Nothing extraordinary.. except some extraordinary sex here and there.  I don't know how, but almost every time is better than the time before. I know some of you will know exactly what I mean. -- At least I hope you're all having that mind-blowing kind that we have ;) 

There is no ttwd, though.  And that kind of sucks.  Not kind of.  It does suck.  We've talked several times since the beginning of the year about bringing it back.... but we are so damn flaky that it never happens.  We are working on not being flaky though.  We have had a couple volunteer-ish opportunities that have bounced into our lives and reluctantly we took them, lol.  I think I have more than FM, but he has in at least one account that I can think of at the moment.  

I have really stepped it up into volunteering at the kids' schools.  That includes meeting new people.. which blech, I hate, but I'm doing it anyway.  Where did I leave my comfort zone, anyway? 

Lately, I've been craving some submissiveness, but we've been so busy, by 10pm, I'm almost completely worthless.  We had a dry spell a few weeks ago... that lasted WAY longer than it should've.  We did make up for it though with a 3-days-in-a-row thing happening, but that was a few days ago.  

I don't want to ask him to be dominant.  I think that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? I've written several times about that.. so I don't really need to go into it in depth.  I wish he would be though. Maybe I'll subtly initiate a convo about it in the near future. We all know we text better than talking, lol.  

How do you hang on to it? That's the million dollar question.  We can grasp it for a little bit.. but then the flakiness comes back.  

I hope everyone is great!!!!! And I hope to try to get back here more than twice a year, lol. =) 


Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's been a really long time..

I have no idea what was going on when I posted last. I'm pretty sure I didn't have any idea that it would be this long until I came back. It's weird how things happen like that, isn't it? 

I have no idea of what's going on on blogland. Who's 'in' or Who's 'out', lol. I haven't hit any message boards or read much at all.  I did see the big 25 anniversary for Blondie! That's fantastic!!!! 

To catch you up to where we are, I can do it in one word: busy.  

We are so unbelievably busy. Is it with anything of mine? Nope.  I do have a workout schedule, but it's hasn't been used in more than 3 weeks.  So, so busy.  But, we're still making time for each other at the end of the day.  I think that's how we are surviving it.  Any other time when we've been this crazed, we've been fighting or aggravated with one another.  Not this time.  

 I know. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. Super true. We use that time from 9pm- to whenever we (or he.. because once we start, I get sucked in and could stay up all night..) decide it's too late and have to stop netflixing Dexter, lol.  That's what we are currently obsessed with right now. We did Breaking Bad last summer. We haven't started Orange yet, but intend to at some point. We just started season 5 recently, so no spoilers, lol! 

So, there we sit on our couch with our dogs all huddled up near us, usually. Hand in hand as Dexter chops someone else up. Super romantic, right? =P But it works for us. It's time spent together. Sometimes I can't watch, but that's what FM is there for, right? He tells me when it's safe to remove his hand from my eyes. 

We are in a good place. We weren't a couple weeks ago.  I was irrationally mad & I was completely aware that it was irrational. Unlike lots of other times though, I wasn't worried.  I knew he wasn't going anywhere. I knew I wasn't going anywhere and that it would blow over eventually.  I'm not saying I didn't hold the grudge for longer than I should've or that ttwd went well during that time, but I didn't have the 'one of us is going to bail' mentality that sometimes creeps in.  

We aren't in full-blown ttwd, but he did smack my behind- hard- the other day when he came up from looking at the dryer and found somewhere between a couple and a million dryer sheets not in the garbage can. LOL. It's his biggest pet peeve and I didn't even realize I was doing it.... again
I said: owww, that was hard.
FM: It was supposed to be
Ah, point taken.  

We just celebrated an anniversary also, 9 years. Crazy that more than a third of my life has been spent with this man. :) 

Hope you've all been doing well. Please feel free to catch me up!!!!