Thursday, April 24, 2014

back to it..

For the past 3 days, I've gone at it alone.  Fireman is out of town on business and I'm losing my mindddddd... I've changed 800 diapers, I swear all of which were dirty.  WTF kid?

Right now, said child is in a horrific mood and has done nothing but hit and kick.  He's into headbutting, my arm is bruised. I'm annoyed.  My workout last night sucked, it was a competition of sorts and I should've won.

Needless to say, I'm ready for him to be home and tonight cannot come soon enough!!!!

He won't be home very long, then he's off again to fire training.  =/  Suckkkss.  I'm already dreading it.  since I've started this new workout kick, which is a 'lifestyle change' completely, finding time to go the gym is unbelievably difficult with three kids and no husband at home.  I'm now admiring single fit moms! More power to them!!

We talked a lot after my last post, which i took down.  I woke up early one morning and freaked out.  I thought I'd accidentally said a name or location in my writing and I took it down to comb through it.  I trust my blog circle, but i have no idea who peeks at my posts and leaves no comment or trace of them being here, you know?

Back to the point, we have decided to give it another go.  We had a couple of play/maintenance sessions and I think it gave that fire back to us (haha, no pun intended).  we haven't set up specific rules or anything, but it's there.  It's not an elephant in the room, it's not uncomfortable, it's just there.

Now, how many hours left til 10pm?