Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm so behind again!

I had no intentions of going this long without posting... again!  Is everyone else's life as crazy as ours is right now?  I thought a few months ago was bad, but this is infinitely busier now.  

We are still doing fantastic.  TTWD is in the background, mostly just as fun, playful, foreplayish at the moment.  I'm not sure if we are even doing any punishment type spanking, but I'm not going to intentionally try to find out, lol.  We still don't have a set list of rules, I think that was too rigid for us before.  I think it was Blondie who suggested we just use the 4 main rules, so far that's how I've been thinking.  Not sure about FM, I'll have to ask him.  

We haven't had much in the way of our time.  The kids have all been in activities with end of the year parties and trying to get everything in.  Softball and t-ball games are starting to wrap up, so I'm glad.  I love their activities, but I'm looking forward to downtime too.  FM has helped out with the tball team and it's so hot to me, lol.  He doesn't get it, but something about him being so sweet to not only our kids, but their teammates too, and helping pitch or whatever else to them = an in-love, starry eyed Elle.  

I'm still working out every morning (or almost every morning lol).  That's going super well too.  To date, I've lost almost 25 pounds :)  I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure I'm lighter than when we got married and more in shape than ever before.  I was not a runner, ever.. I'm still not really counting myself as a runner, but I ran a mile for the 2nd time ever a few weeks ago.  I've run countless miles since then and even did a 5k recently.  Ran the entire time! I was so proud! I was a little bummed.  I would've loved for FM to be at the finish line, but someone had to be with the kids.  I didn't tell him either, so I didn't hold it against him.  

I even bought a bikini for this summer.  A for-real, 2-piece, top and bottoms separate with midriff showing bikini. lol.  I never bought an actual 1-piece, but I have only had tankinis and cute sporty skirts since #1 was born.  I haven't work a bikini since 2006.  2006!  Oh, and it's even from Victoria's Secret :)  I still want to work hard these last few weeks before we hit the beach, but I'm excited.  

I don't think there's much else to update... I need to catch up and do my liebster (sp?) award post.. I will get to that too! :)  Hope you all are doing great! I'll try to catch up on some posts now, too :)

elle :)