Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sleeping trouble & punishment

It seems that when Fireman goes to bed first, I have a hard time going in there, climbing into our bed next to him sleeping peacefully, and falling asleep. It takes a lot for me to shut off my brain, lol. I keep thinking of things that need done or things I have done that day, just little thoughts that pop into my head.  I like the tv on, he likes it dark and silent. I almost feel bad for going in and turning it on when he's asleep. Almost ;) 

Giving in to sleep might be like submitting, lol. Sometimes it takes persuasion from myself to submit to fireman or sleep, lol.  Okay, maybe it's not the same.. But it still requires me doing somethingI'll get in there eventually. I'm glad it's not a bedtime rule night in our house or I'd be in trouble again today. Yep. Again. 

I actually admitted to a broken rule. I don't know that we have an agreement on me telling on myself, but in my mind I figured admitting would be better than him maybe or maybe not asking me later. I felt slightly guilty. He'd already asked my if I'd completed the task once. I was honest. *Not yet, but I'm going to,* I texted back. Except then I got up, got the kids breakfast, got 3 drinks made, laundry started, more breakfast for 2 of the kids, myself breakfast, and straightened up a little. By then, the task was out of my mind entirely. 

I sent him a text around midday to say I'd completely forgotten about it. *Well, you're in trouble. So just expect it after the kids get to bed.*. Crap. I was wondering if the old him would resurface or if the new him would emerge and actually follow through. 

Went to lunch with the kids today. It was great. Food was great, kids were great. It was a fun day out. Had some other errands to run and the baby went with Fireman while the girls visited with and shopped with their grandmother. 

I got home and the baby was asleep, Fireman was sitting on the couch. So the girls are gone? Yes. They were going to _____. He nodded and looked like he was thinking for a second, then instructed: Bedroom. I was a little surprised, a little sad, and a little nervous! Punishments have been rare and infrequent. 

He stood beside the bed and gestured for me to lay across it. It's punishment so you're going to count. Out loud? Yes, out loud. Ughhhhhhh, I hate counting out loud, but I didn't say that. He went straight to it with the hairbrush and yowch. (But I did remember to complete the task before bed, so maybe it worked.)

Not too long after, we were sitting on the couch together when I was laughing at Cat's funny post about student's tests and reading some to him. You want to hear something new? Sure, thinking it was going to be something funny. I want you so bad right now, I'm having, like, a mini panic attack about it. Well, we can't have that. The girls are still going to be a little while. What about the baby? That's what the tv is for. Turn on his favorite show and we will be fine. And so we took care of that ;) 



  1. Hi Elle,

    Sounds like a wonderful day :) Sorry about the spanking though, but good on Fireman for following through. Good on you too for owning up to the broken rule.

    I can totally relate to the sleep thing. I have such a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep and Rick has to tell me to go to bed most nights.

    The one rule around bedtime we do have is no playing with the phone in bed (checking emails, blogs, internet etc). It seems to be the rule that gets me in the most trouble LoL.


    1. Oh I would get in big trouble if that was a rule here!!!! I'd probably go to sleep faster though, lol. ;)
      Thanks Roz :)

  2. Whew! I am so glad you are both in a happy place. The hairbrush still sounds as horrid as I remember it though. Still, if it had the desired effect, who am I to argue!

    Hugs Elle!


    1. I know what to expect from the hairbrush.. So I'm afraid to get anything new! I'm sure one day we will have to add to our collection (which is virtually nonexistent, lol).

  3. I like the mini panic attack part. You were such a trooper to help him out, elle! ;-)

  4. hate. my. hairbrush. it's still sitting in the bathroom far far away from our spanking zone. Altho BIKSS has thought about re-introducing it into our arsenal. yuck.

    glad you got all sorted and owned up to the *thing*. always feels better getting it all off your chest. (hugs).

    n yes, the tv is a wonderful part time sitter for such emergencies. :)

  5. Lol, good for you for taking care of what needed to be taken care of. ;)

    The hairbrush suuucks doesn't it? And so does counting out loud, yikes! I'm sorry you had the punishment, but i'm glad it helped you to get the thing done. :)

  6. Oh, your poor bottom. But you sound so happy now. :) That is what really matters. :) And I'm glad the follow through helped and that you were able to finish your task before bedtime.

    As for the fun afterwards, those are always great. ;)