Thursday, March 21, 2013


To be completely honest, I was particularly sassy yesterday. It was in little comments and facial expressions. For the most part, I didn't even realize it was happening. Oh, but it was happening. 

It was a good morning, but by afternoon, the kids had completely worn me out. #2 keeps waking up at night and wanting to either sleep in our bed or on the couch. I wouldn't mind if she got on the couch...without waking me up. But does that happen? No. Interrupted sleep = not fully rested Elle. Which means my general patience is decreased... Greatly somewhat. 

We had fiasco at the girls' extra-curricular activity. I had to take the baby, he was in the crummiest mood, left my phone in the car, #1's throat started hurting, #2 wouldn't go to her 2nd class. It was a mess. I had no way of getting ahold of fireman to see what was taking him so long (he is supposed to come pick up the baby we soon as he gets off work.. 40 minutes past that time, no fireman.) I threw in the towel and went home 45 minutes early. 

Enter super-sassy Elle. I wasn't rude, or even disrespectful I think. (Although fireman might not agree with that last one...). I just said things, more than playfully. I definitely was on edge and all tense. 

In the kitchen cooking dinner, at one point, he actually pulled my jeans down just slightly (revealing a super cute thong, if I say so myself.. And I think he was actually a little surprised by it, lol). He smacked, then grabbed my ass and said this is mine. I will not tolerate being talked to like this in my house. I will address this later. 

I think I just mumbled mmhmm while hanging on to my jeans and reminding him the kids were just in the other room. 

I think you can just say okay. 


Would you rather I require Yes,Sir? Or Yes, Daddy? 

You wouldn't. 

I could

Put a little spark in my head. I never imagined him ever wanting yes sir and certainly never daddy! I actually wonder how serious he was.  

I finished dinner with probably a little more sarcasm and sassiness, went to my exercise class, came home, and got the kids in bed. I hopped in the shower and I was pleasantly surprised when company joined ;) 

We had excellent maintenance, he talked the entire time. About any and everything. He asked how my day was, aside from the fiasco.  He told me he wanted new implements, something less thuddy, more stingy. Um, what about my opinion? I'll entertain your opinion. Entertain. But ultimately I will choose something. Very HoH~y. 

I guess I'll take any suggestions on a new implement. I know a lot of you have been buying from Blondie. I'm still afraid of a for-real paddle though! Maybe I'll buy a new hairbrush today and that will work for now ;) 



  1. All I can say is, I know how you are feeling, and please put in an order for me!



  2. Ooh Elle...better watch out or your gonna end up with a phone rule...these HoH's are funny about that. ;)

    Gotta tell ya...a hairbrush is not is thuddy and downright owie! Will tell you what I have told others:

    Wood is no good,
    Leather is better,
    Feather is best!

    If you do order from Blondie, Rogue definitely recommends the pocket paddle...from what I understand, it is not nearly as thuddy.

    Good luck in getting #2 to sleep through the night.


  3. Lol, great line on his part about taking your opinion into consideration, but it ultimately being up to him. :) Have you tried CaneIac for implements? We have some and they're pretty good!

    Nice blog, by the way .. have read a few entries and I really like it. :) I just started a blog and added a link to yours on my page, hope thats ok :) Look fwd to reading more!

  4. Hi Elle, sounds like some day you had! Glad to hear it ended well though. Well, apparantly the pocket paddle from Blondie's is a hit LoL (pun intended).

    We used to use Sir and actually in recent months introduced Daddy. Both felt strange to begin with but we find it really helps in enforcing our roles.


  5. Elle this post made me giggle. Fireman sounds darling--even if he wants you to call him daddy. HeeHeee. are you new to DD? I haven't read enough of you blog yet but I will. It sounds like you're at the beginning of your journey and that's intriguing to me since I am really new. Just curious. :) have a nice weekend.

    See you,

  6. Wow! Good for him.

    That "this is mine" comment always sets my tummy aflutter!

    I'm trying to remember what implements you have but if you want something really nice that you will have for many years, google Leather Thorne Paddles. The one we have is similar to the "Turn Tail Rosey." Quite effective.

  7. Yep, I'd suggest Leatherthorne. He makes awesome stuff! Stay away from wood!!!! Shudder....


  8. Hi Elle. I have a paddle , used a couple of times, damned hard, I could sneak it to you if you like LOL. I call mine sir when I am being sassy!! have a good weekend, love

  9. I never took myself for a sir/daddy calling girl either but here I am using it on a daily basis. Amazing what he can bring out in me! ;) Sir is usually more for serious things though, daddy is nice because it's a little less formal.

    Anyway, paddle recommendation? Well, those little ping pong paddles you get at party stores, you know, the flimsy ones? Yeah go for that! Though if you want something you can feel, we have one from Cane-Iac, it was my first implement and it hurts but if used in the right way it can be tolerable. Good luck!

  10. I'm with Susie, set my tummy aflutter, too! I think he's got it, elle, lol. And the "Yes, Daddy" quite delicious, and makes you feel small and safe and cozy.


  11. Wow, he's really stepping up! :) Hahaha, we're starting to think on what I should call the Duke as well. :) Sir or Daddy. Sometimes the thought of calling him Daddy freaks me out! LOL As for Blondie's, I say go for it. We got a full sized paddle and a pocket one. Ouchie, but puts me in the right head space. Something our other implements weren't really doing. I hope that whatever he picks, you can come to peace with it.... *small giggle*

  12. if you want stingy? i could send you a cane from here. it's available cheap and i'd be happy to gift it to you.

    recently BIKSS has been referring to himself as Master a little more than we usually do too. I'm wondering if there is something in that...

    good luck with finding an implement. and I'm serious about sending you a cane or two. lemme know.

  13. Yes indeed very Hohy....and wood is horrible but it's all we have really. We did get a leatherhorn...and it was beautiful - but ours seemed loud and didn't have the same "I've been spanked" feeling. Are you really married to a fireman? Sorry...I'm new to your blog...:)

  14. never mind...I saw that you ARE. So am i :)