Sunday, December 2, 2012

Birthdays & Being 'Good'

I'll start out with how I hate my computer.  HATE.  It's outdated and we hardly ever use it anymore.  It really needs replaced, it's missing keys from where both my girls have ripped keys off.. and it's out of memory.  And I already have the external hard-drive.  

It just magically deleted my post that I had about half written.  Stupid thing. 

Back to my original post, lol.... 

We celebrated the baby's birthday this weekend.  So sad for me.  He's just the best addition and surprise to our family.  I thought we were finished, as did my husband.  Actually, I thought we were finished with everything when we found out about him.  God knew we needed him.  And although my pregnancy was very rough, I'd do it all again to bring him into this world. 

My hubz was out of town on Thursday and the majority of Friday.  Wednesday night I was at a concert, so we didn't spend a great deal of time together Wednesday evening.  So, we all know what that means!!!!!! No getting in trouble here, lol. 

Now, I try to be "good."  Really, I do.  I just have 8 million thing going on at once, so I tend to forget some a lot of things....  Like, lights and the television being on, the candle thing being plugged in, the heater thing, lol.  It's just a lot to remember and when I'm shuffling 3 kids out the door, plus an extra when I'm babysitting (which is pretty much everyday), I forget. 

I don't usually get in trouble for any of the major things... I am known to be a bit of a pain and somewhat bratty, but it's really usually nothing major. :)  I am craving some attention though.. but I will remind myself that it's better to just ask for maintenance than to do something bad and get in real trouble ;) 

xo! ~elle


  1. Congratulations with your wonderful baby!
    And yes! maintenance rules!!
    Jack's Jill

    1. Thanks Jack's Jill!! And I think I accidentally put an & in your name in my last comment!! Sorry about that! I added you to my blog roll too :) love yours!