Thursday, December 13, 2012

New friends/ 12 "lays"

Blogger needs to be more iPad friendly. It's messing with my posts, underlining, deleting at random, making different sized fonts, and saving at random times. I had the beginning of my post saved and it deleted, then saved some random paste. Rats!  

Now onto my original post.... 

Part 1:
Thanks to my award from yesterday, I met a few new bloggers. I need to randomly explore more, but lately things are so busy and chaotic. I feel like I'm always on the go. My last few posts were written at like 9am or I wouldn't have been able to write them. Even right now, I'm holding a very sweet, sleeping baby :) 

Wilma, from Barney Married Wilma, visited me yesterday, and I got to visit her this morning. She created a fun post about super heroes and super villains and let me add in after she had posted. Yay for edits!! 

Have you ever tried think about which super hero or character (villain?) you'd be? It's hard! I love Cinderella, I have blonde hair, 3 kids, so I'm always cleaning and doing laundry, and of course, married Prince Charming. Perfect choice. But, she needs to be a sexy Cinderella! ::wink:: 

Unfortunately, there are no hot fireman superheroes. None that I could think of. He has bone structure like Johnny Depp, he would be a hot pirate... So I picked Captain Jack Sparrow for my fireman. (He actually dressed up like a pirate once, he was very Capt Jack!!)

It's kind of a hot combo, if you ask me. ;)

Part 2:
A few days ago, maybe it was last week or the week before.... I started googling ideas for a cheesy, sweet, fun 12 days of Christmas to do for my fireman. I knew there was a cute one out there and it would be a fun way to let him know I was thinking about him every day. Plus, I can get caught up in the craziness of Christmas. I figured that would slow me down and help me focus. 

Apparently, a fun, somewhat cheesy 12 days does not exist. Butttt, I did come across 12 Lays of Christmas. It's an older blog, but I'm not taking credit for it, so hopefully she won't mind. 

It's a cute, somewhat cheesy, idea for 12 days. I started it a few days earlier to allow for a break day here or there. Life might get in the way and I don't want to feel like a failure for not f***ing my husband for 12 days straight leading up to Christmas, lol. 

On Tuesday, I sent no warning, just sent him the first little note via text. I took a screen shot of the little cards, one by one, and I send one each day. After the first, he sent back a cute emoticon he uses, but that meant he was game. I knew he would be. Day 1 involved a shower together. It's like candy! 

We got our shower, but wouldn't you know, the tones went off for a report of smoke near a business. I waited up as long as I could, but fell asleep before he got back. No big deal, it was definitely made up for on day two. 

Today is day 3.. :) I'm going to send out his text now. Funny, because he's at lunch and he will have to be discreet with his phone, lol :) 
I'll let you know how it goes! And it's not too late to start if you want to! 



  1. Cute idea and I think I'm going to try it!! 12 days in a row huh?
    I hope it goes well! LOL

    1. Lol, yes! Good luck! :) you'll have to keep me posted on how it goes!!

  2. I love the 12 days idea!

    OH...the iPad and blogger do not get along at all! I don't dare open the editor on there, especially if the post has already been written. will be gone.

    1. Thanks! I thought it was cute too. Ours is interrupted again tonight =\ another fire call, but hopefully he'll be home before I fall asleep!

      Ughhhhh I have noticed! Maybe they'll fix it if I complain enough, lol :)

  3. It was my pleasure to add you. Surprisingly there wasn't that many sexy Cinderella pictures on Google. Tons of naughty Wilmas though. I guess you don't mess with Disney.

    As for the 12 lays of Christmas-- since we've started ttwd, I'm looking for more SLEEP *wink*


    1. I noticed that, too! Lol :)
      Yep, I know what you mean!!

  4. How cute the 12 Lays of Christmas!
    Welcome to blogland :o)

  5. I love the 12 days idea. Unfortunately my husband travels a lot and it wouldn't work but it gave me another idea. I think I'm going to make up little certificates as a Christmas gift and call it "Christmas All Year". So each month he will have one to cash in. I was thinking of something like "24 hours of COMPLETE Submission" meaning each month we set a day aside, no kids or commitments, shut the blinds, and I am completely his to do what he likes with for 24 hours. What do you guys think of that? Any ideas?

    Would be a great exercise for me too in my effort to let go and let my submissive self emerge :)

    1. I love that idea Samantha! I might have to do that as a gift for my hubby too!
      I'll have to think about more ideas! Breakfast in bed for the weekend? Or even just one day? Maybe a dinner out to his favorite place? That's a great idea. Love it!

  6. I added tantric massage.....look it (wink)

  7. 12 days of Christmas normally start on Christmas day or the day after, so there's plenty of time to do something