Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stick together :)

It's a little tricky in here lately. It's scary. What kind of people are adding up as the page views? Are they just anonymous lurker friends? Are they wives (or maybe husbands.. But we all know wives bring this up more) researching a new possible lifestyle? Or are they the media? Someone judging us for how we live and love?  There's no real way to know. I don't have any secret alerts telling me which type of person is reading... Although that would be pretty cool, lol ;) 

What we certainly can't have happen is for us to implode on ourselves. We are all leery. We're all a little touchy about some things. We all have different views on what could happen, what will happen, and what did happen. That's the beauty of our community, though. We always cherish each other's outlook, it's different than our own. Another blogger's outlook gives us ideas about who we are, and who we aren't, sometimes. 

If you choose to stay, we're here. If you choose to leave, we're here. There will always be a friend here for support, love, and help. I don't feel like anyone is judging anyone else for staying or leaving. I think we all know we have to do what's right for our own families. I don't think anyone truly knows how far this media coverage will go. It is certain that its only a matter of time before we are all looked over, as they move on to something else. 

We have to stay strong either way. :) 

On a very positive, great end note, I'm so glad that little Emily is progressively getting better!!! We are all still thinking of you all and sending love and prayers! 



  1. It breaks my heart that so many are leaving! You have all opened up and shared so much. For someone just started to understand these desires it saddens me that someone who does not agree can cause so much trouble! Please keep blogging! Some of us need you!

    1. Thanks anonymous. A lot of us will still be here. I hate that so many are leaving =|

  2. Hi Elle,

    Well said. We all have to do what we feel is right for us and our families, and there should be no judgement either way. I hope this will all die down soon and that blogland will return to normal.

    It is such wonderful news that Emily is recovering. Continuing to send prayers and bear hugs.


    1. I can't wait til it does go back to normal :(
      Yes!! Excellent news for little Emily. I know all of us are still praying for her to recover 100%!!

  3. I am here to stay. Old Rita Skeeter and her mob aren't going to close down my little blog. So far the feedback I have gotten has been positive. Thanks for standing strong. We have to stick together.

  4. Well said, this community has such a great group of people and supporters. :)

  5. Well said Elle, those of us that are still new to all of this, it truly helps being able to talk and share with others, since we cant in real life. Still undecided if I am going to start a blog yet. Maybe I will start with just the private one at first.
    Thanks for all your help and encouragement

    Great news about Emily. Prayers to her and her family.


  6. I know what you mean. I get 500 plus hits a day. Who are they all?