Friday, August 2, 2013

love :)

It's been another crazy, busy week. The last week of July has been jam packed with activities for my kids, my husband, and me getting them everywhere. I've been so exhausted by the end of the day, I couldn't even muster up the energy to go for a run. 

Everything has been smooth sailing in the Fire family (lol). We haven't discussed ttwd at all, really, but it's still there. It's just an understood, underlying theme of our life. I can't remember what, or when exactly, I blogged last.... I probably should've looked at that before beginning this one. Oh well. :) 

Tuesday, I think it was, the girls were gone with their grandmother and the baby was asleep. I'd been texting fireman a little throughout the day, but I was pleasantly surprised when he walked through the door an hour early. I had honestly thought about texting him to talk about ttwd, but decided against it. Things were/are going great. I really didn't think it needed addressed. It was at that moment I realized, we were doing pretty well. 

After he realized the girls were gone and we were mostly alone? Let's go to the bedroom, he said in his understated HoH~y voice. Ummmm, okay. Why? Maintenance. We haven't done maintenance in a while. 

Wow. It was eye-opening that we really have turned a corner. We don't need to talk about ttwd everyday. We don't need maintenance on the front of our minds all the time. No pressure on either of us. We have rules, they'll be enforced. In fact, just yesterday I asked him to put my keys on the list. I have entirely slacked on putting them where they belong and yesterday I spent 10 minutes looking for them. So annoying, lol. 

We have a closeness that cannot be matched. Yesterday, I was down about something (not involving FM). I was texting him about it while picking up dinner. He sent the sweetest message to me. :) 

I'm so behind on reading, too. I'm going to try to catch up today and tomorrow. Although, this weekend is going to be super busy too. The girls get do really fun stuff this weekend. It will be busy for me, but I love watching them. They do such a great job. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


  1. It sounds like you are in a good place. Congrats

  2. Hi Elle,

    This post made me smile. I'm so happy to hear things are going well with you and FM. It sounds are so you are in a really good place.

    That was such a sweet text. So lovely. Have a wonderful weekend :)


  3. Mostly when things are going well, we don't discuss TTWD much either. For us, too, it is becoming a part of our lives. It's good to know that we all have a way to make the dynamic work for us, isn't it?

    I'm sure there will always be bumps and glitches, but so long as we talk things through, there shouldn't, in theory, be too many problems.

    I am glad you are feeling happy and content Elle.

    Many hugs


  4. Aaawww, very sweet indeed! I'm glad you guys are doing so well! :)

  5. Aw how sweet, Elle! Love it! It is a great feeling to just live it and feel it and not have to constantly think about it. We go up and down. Right now I need more but there are times when ttwd is just there but not completely in the forefront. Both can be really nice. Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. That is sweet, and it's great that DD is becoming something you just live, and don't have to work on so much. I really think that's part of the goal. :) And don't worry about catching up on blogs if you don't have the time too. LOL I don't even want to admit how far behind I am. ;)

  7. PS LOVE the fire heart on your title now. :)

  8. Isn't the closeness worth it all? Our friendship is better than I ever could have imagined.

  9. Aww, this is such a sweet post! It made me smile! :) It's nice to realize it's just.. there, and that it's doing it's job. :) Yay!