Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The hairbrush and complaining...

He tried out the hairbrush last night...... On my poor little curvy, bare behind.... 

He was watching some college basketball, I was playing games on my phone, checking Facebook, doing nothing. I'm gonna go hop in the shower. It's 9:37. Ummm yes, I'll hurry. HoH look. Quick cheesy smile.

I grabbed panties out of my drawer and a flimsy tank and hurried in the shower.  I was just getting ready to turn the water off when he placed his arms around me and grabbed the ladies (lol).  I gasped! What is he, a ninja?! I never even heard him, lol. 

We shower together so often I feel lonely if I'm in there by myself. He takes one alone every morning before he leaves for work, so he may not feel the same. Although, I am supposed to be getting up with him, but that's been a big fail... I should start getting up and showering with him every morning. That would be a great way to start the day. He does want me up with him... Which makes me wonder why he hasn't been enforcing that rule? request. I'll have to ask him. 

He dried me off (so sweet!!) and I got dressed in what little attire there was to be dressed in anyway and went to our bedroom. I grabbed my phone to plug in, not really paying attention, then noticed he had his? our? the implements laying on the end of the bed. 

He always places his hand out, gesturing me to the bed. He's not dressed so formally, like this picture though, lol. Sometimes google images are not helpful, lolol :) 

He slid my panties down and I immediately wondered why he let me put them on for the 15/20 seconds that I had them, lol. That thought was immediately followed by the sensation of his hand skimming my leg all the way from my hips to my ankle.... 

Still having trouble with my shoulder/underarm, so it took us a minute to get me into a good position. He began with a little bit of a lecture... The one I'd been waiting on from last week. We have agreed to try to not have such a delayed punishment, but we know in doing ttwd, having three young kids, plus his job, and two fire departments, opportunities aren't always going to be available. We are going to have to be flexible and work around things. 

He started with the little toy ping pong paddle thing. That's always his warmup. I forgot to count, he tapped the right side of my behind. Oh! Two! 

I kept turning around to see what implement was next. I was am? definitely a little afraid of that hairbrush.  He gave me the look again. I turned back around. 

I sometimes think he strikes a little too high. Is he supposed to only get the bottom part of my behind? He said I'll just complain that he strikes in the same place. Which, I then felt badly about. I do NOT need (or want!!!) to comment or complain. I'm really bad to say ow.. or too high.. or any other comments. Whether its maintenance or punishment, I just need to keep my mouth shut. But, that's always been my problem... I need to work on that. If we ever do boot camp, that's something I would want to focus on. 

Overall, I thought the hairbrush was okay. I know he took it easy on me last night. I don't feel it at all today. He said its very easy to control, so that's good. I can definitely see how I could come to not like it though! 

What's your favorite implement? 



  1. Oh ouchy! I don't like the hairbrush. But, around here it's used for punishment and without a warm up. It's to be avoided at all costs!

    As for my favorite? It has to be his hand. I know, you were probably thinking along the lines of a paddle or belt or something, but my absolute favorite is his hand. There's just something about that skin on skin connection. ;)

  2. Favorite? no no no... probably a feather would be my favorite...
    I don't think there is ever a favorite for me.. besides hand maybe? Ha ha ha

  3. I have to agree with Grace. There is just something so personal and intimate that creates a bond when my husband uses his hand. I feel more of his control, his guiding and love when he uses his hand.

  4. You could do some experimenting about where to spank. Outside of the setting of maintenance or punishment. Knowledge is power!

    No implements here, strictly hands.

  5. Ouchie. My hubby has never used a hair brush ;) We have an awful paddle from cane-iac that I bought an idiot. I do have to say it makes the biggest impression. We also have a homemade loopy johnny that stings horribly :o When he uses it I jump around (im really working on that problem) and complain and try to direct him. It wraps a little and I want to grab it and throw it. THAT would be counterproductive :(

  6. I think my favorite would also be none...the hand. BTW, a spanking after a shower or bath is much more ouchy. It's an art to learn to shower while keeping your bottom dry!:)


  7. I didn't care for the hairbrush either- I don't know why because I like the paddle, but my favorite implement is still his hand.

  8. We dont do maintanence, but everything hes ever used, Ive loved...his hand, the belt, a flogger. Love it all so far!

  9. So far, my only experience is from his hand and we're both fine with that for the time being. That said, you should see his hands! The man has the widest, strongest hands I've ever seen and they can produce a powerful sting! :(

  10. Oh! Be careful with that hair brush. We recently broke ours right in half-funny story for another time! He replaced it with a sturdier, thick wooden paddle that's roughly the same size from Cane-Iac. We call it the "Enforcer" and it lives up to it's name.

  11. Oh ouchy Elle
    Brush is really ouchy. Don't like it, but get it most of the time. Ours is a short handed bath bruh and thicker than some paddles I've seen.
    My favourite must be a tissue, yes feather is good, maybe a silk scarf oh maybe a pretend brush ?????
    Ok I know it's not going to be likely I get any of them(
    Ok I don't know about which one I like most, as they all hurt, but I can tell you the one that makes me most submissive, is his belt. It's something about the manly way it has about it. Just alone the fact I can see it all the time and then hear the jingle when it comes off. Don't know if that makes sense ;)

  12. Hi Elle, I can't speak with any experience about the hairbrush, and I glad from what I've read from others.

    As for implements, it does depend on how they are used, leather paddle, wooden spoon, belt can all by rather yummy, or really ouchy.

    I have to agree with the hand. Nothing like it for closeness and intimacy.


  13. Your poor, curvy bare behind indeed!

    Can't say that I have a favorite implement and his hand can really hurt if he has a mind to make it. I will say that wood is bad in any form. Ugh!

  14. Awh that sounds really sweet, even if it was painful. My favorite? I'd say his hand but maybe that's a cop-out because we all know it hurts the least! ;) If not his hand, maybe the paddle

  15. Elle, I wondered if I was re-reading my own blog!

    The hand is definitely the best for me. Even used hard. Even in the same spot over and over.

    I just had a run in with the dreaded hairbrush. And next time I'm going to jump ship and swim to the nearest desert island! And mine was supposed to be maintenance! There's no justice around here at all!

    Hugs, Ami

  16. He sounds like a sweetie - but the hairbrush sounds....well - awful. I might be tempted to recycle that thing....

  17. The hairbrush is his go-to implement for punishments. I hate it - very stingy and produces a lot of burn. It doesn't last though.

  18. Gosh, I am a hairbrush fan! It's thuddy and sexy for me. I also love his belt and the little leather paddle. Will knows just how to make it stingy and sensual. Love his hand, too. Of course, we are primarily bedroom spankos. ;)

  19. Daddy's favorite is the hairbrush, every spanking, regardless of reason starts with his hand and the hairbrush, whatever else, then ends with the hairbrush and his hand. It's not my favorite, but I understand it's the discipline portion of the spanking, it's the who's in control statement. And I do my best to accept what he gives with grace.

    My favorite? Mmmmm, The yummy strap (Angel maker), the little otk strap and Daddy's belt - heavens :)

  20. I had this problem in the beginning, and on occasion now, he hits a little high in error. The more recent one's aren't a problem. Usually misplaced swats, but when he was actually spanking, and doing it too high- I had to say something.
    I choose a time (to bring up things like this) when we are both relaxed and it is definitely *not* in the moment. I respectfully ask if I can share something.
    I emphasize how it makes me feel, and avoid words and phrases that sound critical. If I didn't, he would hear my disrespect, and not focus on my true feelings.
    H is very open to hearing how I feel, how spankings effect me (both physically and psychologically) and he used to always ask. But since he stopped asking (figured he had it down) this is when I had to make my feelings known.
    I don't tell him what to do, or suggest that he change. But he always does. I just offer my thoughts.
    I think this was a huge learning experience for us on how to communicate.
    Hitting in the zone, (sit-spots) always make a spanking more effective, IMHO. :-)

  21. I like his hand but my favorite is this one specific belt we have. It is heavy enough to be more thuddy than stingy which I love. Good luck with the hairbrush. It has made more of an appearance here lately and it always gets my attention.

    I always tell him if he is hitting high. He doesn't do it very often any more but it is a safety thing and he needs to know.