Friday, April 12, 2013

Ah, texting.

I sent fireman a text while he was gone Sunday that I had written an obscenely long blog post. Ok. I will read it shortly, he replied quickly back. 

A few minutes later, he sent: I read your post. I'm really, really REALLY glad that you do post when you do. Even if we aren't having problems, it's still a side of your thoughts that sometimes doesn't make it out in our normal convos. But I'm even more glad for it when we are in the rut that we are

We didn't get to talk Sunday night, but just having my side out made everything less tense. I knew he knew how I felt and while I didn't know exactly how he felt, things were easier here. We went for delishy Chinese food Sunday evening and went to bed together. 

Monday morning is when we really got the conversational ball rolling. I asked him to just pick a point and start, which he did. We kept mostly on track and got just about everything hashed out. He talked about things bothering him, he commented on what I said in my post. We talked about a lot. 


So, I started writing this on Wednesday! Now, here it is late Friday night and I'm just finishing. It seems like we get busier and busier. Do you guys feel that way too? 

Anyway... We talked a lot and we still need to talk more. I did get my maintenance in on... Monday or Tuesday. I forget which now... But it was great. The only bad part is that it hasn't happened again yet. He had a fire call last night, then I was exhausted when he got home. I think I was asleep on my way to bed, lol. Had to wait until this afternoon to watch project runway, lol. 

For now, all is right in Elle and Fireman Land :). I so appreciate all of the comments and love from the previous posts. All of the responses really helped. It is true that you're going to have rough times. It can't always be great all the time, but the key is that it's okay! I get very hung up when things are not so smooth. I instantly panic and think we aren't going to be okay, when really we are. I know I need to breathe and realize that it's just a hiccup. He still loves me. I still love him. And together, we will work through whatever. :) 

Tomorrow is another busy day, first tall game of the season, all kinds of fun activities. Hopefully some fun times for just me and fireman, too ;) 

Hope all of you had a great week and have a great weekend! 


  1. How did u not talk Sunday night if u went out for dinner and went to bed together...

    1. At dinner it wasn't just the two of us, so it wasn't the place for important conversation... Then after getting the kids' things together for the next day, it was bedtime for me.
      So I apologize for that not making much sense :) we spoke, but not about the important things :)

  2. Happy for you. Communication is the key to TTWD, I figure.

  3. Glad to hear that things are better.

  4. Elle, I'm so happy to read this. You seem so much happier.

    Glad you managed to talk things through and are back on the same page and moving forward again. You are right. It's not always smooth, but you are in this together and work through these times together.


  5. Aw, so nice to read this. Im glad you were able to talk it all out, and I really like the point you make about it just being a hiccup, not necessarily meaning things wont be okay. Ill have to keep that in mind. :)

  6. Hi Elle & Fireman,
    It's nice to hear "all is right in Elle & Fireman Land" :)
    Communication is definitely the first key to DD, and continuing to work on open discussion will help to bulldoze right through any little bumps in the road.
    - MrBBSpanker

  7. Hi Elle, I am so glad that things are good at the moment, keep talking
    love Jan.xx

  8. I am so glad that things are going so good for you. :) And it is true, like the fireman said, our blogs are great ways for them to see things we might not to think to say in our every day talks with them. :) So glad you told him to read your post so that you two knew where to start working things out. :)

  9. Glad things are looking up, elle. Keep talking, there is nothing more important that open and honest communication.


  10. Hi Elle

    Communication is the key. That and realising that all this takes time. So glad you are back on track. Communication gets easier, really it does :)

  11. This is a perfect example of love being a choice, not a feeling. If love was a feeling, we'd be falling in and out of love all the time. Wake up every day choosing to love eachother. Think about what words and actions show each other that. You are right it isn't all smooth, but there are some good and great days to be had. I liked Malcom's suggestion on the last post. Sometimes you just have to act like you are totally "in love" even when you don't feel it. Sometimes the acting turns to the feeling with both parties. Love and prayers, Belle L.