Thursday, April 18, 2013

Maintenance, sleep, stealing clothes... Lol

Well... Elle had maintenance last night. 

It was a little difficult for me at first. My head just wasn't really there. We had been to a kid-themed activity, lol. It was really cute and our kids absolutely LOVED it. But, it was sort of late when we got home. I still had to get school stuff ready for #1 and get a shower myself.

I think I finally got in the shower at my bedtime. I have been super tired lately.. Even starting early at like 8/8:30. It's so unusual for me. Before we began this whole dd thing and established "the rules," I'd stay up so late. Fireman would go to bed around 11/11:30 and I'd sometimes still be up, fighting sleep, doing nothing. I know I was still tired then, too. Probably more tired than now. I am a sleeper, lol. I need sleep. 

Before Fireman and I lived together, he was in college and living on taxi taco (lol autocorrect) bell and mt dew, lol. Oh, and like 4 hours of sleep. He would come over and stay with me until I fell asleep. He'd leave me sweet little notes to wake up to. I just needed sleep and he didn't care, he just wanted to be near me. It got to where I had trouble falling asleep if he wasn't there. I'm still that way. He has to go out of town next week and I'll be absolutely miserable. 

Before, going to sleep at different times, we weren't connected. It's so beneficial (for me, at least) when we go to bed together. I like a routine. I can be spontaneous with things and I love to be surprised... But I'm super hard to surprise. It's the little things that I like routine in though. Bedtime. Car rides. Little, weird things. 

Anyway... Back to maintenance, since I just rambled about sleep. I was just tired and my head wasn't in it, at first. I actually wasn't even expecting it. He ambushed my shower and then stole my clothes, lol. Before I realized, he asked went to our room and asked me to come in there. 

Did you steal my clothes? 
Maybe. Come in here and you can find out.  Hottttttttt! 

Walking in, I saw him on the bed holding the hairbrush. Can someone remind me why I bought that? 

He was a little more sting~y than usual, but I think it was because its been a week since the last one. I'm assuming I'll get one or two more before he leaves on Sunday :(  I did get a really nice reward after the maintenance too ;) 

It was a good maintenance session though and I am glad he went through with it even though we were both tired. He's always afraid I'm going to decline or refuse a spanking. I'm going to always try to not and I've given some suggestions on what to do if that were to happen. 

I have cleaning to do before tomorrow. The baby has his procedure tomorrow, so please keep us in your thoughts!! Hopefully it will be quick and we will be home before the evening, I'm hoping to avoid an overnight hospital stay. It will be a busy weekend again, especially with my fireman going out of town next week. 



  1. I had maintenance too. Ugh. I hope baby's procedure goes well. You'll be on my mind. :)


    Ps: loved the hairbrush picture btw.

  2. Consistency isn't easy sometimes...
    Kudos to Fireman for the follow through even at a late hour!

    I'll have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow Elle.

    Your friend,

  3. Thisnking of you and the little one Elle, things will go well.

    It ALWAYS stings more on a freshley showered bottom always. You are not the only one who made a mistake pyurchasing one of those hairbrushes...Uugh!

  4. It's certainly good to go to bed together, I try to arrange things so that always happens with us; though actually I need more sleep than Rose does.

    Water is well known to enhance sting. I believe some carry a sprayer for use before applying implements, you should try that!?

    Good luck with the baby's procedure, be sure to report here on it.

  5. I hope everything goes smoothly with your little one tomorrow. Sending hugs to you and your little one.

  6. Hi Elle,

    Glad to hear things are going well with you two. The story of how Fireman used to stay with you until you fell asleep and leave you little notes was so sweet :)

    I hope all goes well with baby tomorrow. Will be thinking of you.


  7. Sending you prayers and positive thoughts for your little one. Always a traumatic time when your child has to be in hospital. I sincerely hope everything goes well and that you are all soon back home.

    Many hugs