Monday, February 11, 2013

Dd on tv?

I forgot I was going to write this post earlier this week, after I saw it. Then with the flu, the reconnecting and the busy~ness, I forgot. 

I don't know if many of you watch The Bachelor on ABC. If you're entirely unfamiliar, the concept is 1 guy, 25 women.. Different dates, "cocktail parties," all for throne guy to find his match. I can't remember how many seasons they've had. 12 maybe? A few seasons of The Bachelorette also, but they rarely stay together. Still, it's mostly fun to watch. 

On the last episode, I think this one actually aired Tuesday 2/5/13, one of the girls did something at the cocktail party that I found very interesting. She said.. And I'm completely paraphrasing.. She wanted him to know that she trusted him to lead her. She was going to let go and let him have the control. 

She pulled out a blindfold and handed it to The Bachelor. She said she couldn't stand being blindfolded, but she really wanted him to know she was serious. He looked a little confused at first, but then I think he got it. 

He took the blindfold from her and gently placed it over her eyes. He held her hand and helped her stand, then led her to a different area. She was scared and visibly nervous, but she was committed to that moment and to being led by him. At one point he actually picked her up and carried her.  

He sat her down on a cute little bench seat and told her.. "Don't take that off." (Immediately it hit me! That was a very HoH thing to say!!!). She sat there for a quick moment, still blindfolded, but listening to him, waiting to see what happened next. He kissed her, then after the kiss was over, he removed the blindfold. 

It was like an exercise of dd/ttwd. Not really in those exact words, but it could've been. I didn't bring it up to my fireman, but he did see it too. I'll have to see what he thought about it!! 
Did anyone else see it? 



  1. Hi Elle, Wow, interesting. That does seem like a ttwd moment and very HoH'y. I wonder if he picked her at the end of the series LoL

    Isn't it funny how you notice these things much more now :)


    1. It is!! I didn't think about not noticing it if we weren't doing ttwd, lol.

  2. At the very least it was an interesting strategy on her part :)

  3. I haven't watched that show before. What you explained was interesting. No matter what some people say, the 50 Shades phenomenon has loosened things up a bit. People are talking about, and TV is airing things that wouldn't have been in the pubic conversation only a few years ago.
    Unless you go waaaay back to the era when Ricky used to spank Lucy lol

    1. I actually didn't equate it to 50 shades, but you're right! There was a girl at the beginning who introduced herself, pulled a grey tie out of her cleavage, then said she wanted to play 50 shades with him. But, she got belligerently drunk and was eliminated that night. It was not tasteful, lol, but this one was.

  4. That's quite interesting. I don't watch the show, but I think I want to watch the episode just to see. Definitely seems like something from "this" world. Funny how when you're "looking" for it, it tends to pop up places!

    1. For some reason we get sucked in to this show, lol.

  5. You've got interesting Bachelors and Ladies over there.
    I have, once, seen a Dutch variant of this show, but it was extremely boring with just a lot of attention seeking women, who were very obviously not in the least interested in the Bachelor.
    This sounds quite different.

    1. Some of the woman are like that. Of course there's always a "villain" that they show and she stays around for a while causing drama. Mostly the whole show annoys me and I complain about how annoying some of these women are. It's no wonder they're single, lol :)

  6. I did not see it, I don't get cable, but that sounds like an interesting scene to watch! :) I know I've always wanted my husband to take the lead, long before I even knew about DD. Sounds like if she doesn't know about it yet, if she finds out in the future, that is what her heart will long for, just as mine did. :)

  7. Hi Elle
    Interessting, I hate such reality shows, but seem to get sucked in and watch most of them.
    All this apart, I think it's a great idea, to practise trust in a relationship. What better way to out your complete trust in your man, than let him lead you blind knowing your safe x

  8. Dear Elle
    It's even got bits of the surrendered wife in it.
    Letting him lead the way.
    I really feel in a few years, our way of life will be much more out in the open. Women are longing for a HoH and men want to be in the driver's seat again.
    That would be so wonderful for all of us, if it weren't such a secretive thing.
    such a well kept secrets needs to be out in the open - just think of all the joy it brings!!
    Jack's Jill