Saturday, February 9, 2013

Smooth sailing...

Lately around here, it's been smooth sailing.. But how long will that last? I try to just focus on the positive. Even if another bump comes, I think we will know how to handle it. My fireman has said he will not let it get to two weeks again. I don't think he will let it even go a couple days. 

We were on an every-other-day maintenance schedule. I liked it. (Maybe Mrs. D is right, maybe I am a spanko, lol). I love knowing he's in control. I love the role affirmation. Of course I love the connection it brings us. I know FM had said he is more confident since beginning ttwd. He's been more confident in all areas, not just our relationship. I love that, too. He deserves that self-confidence. :) 

We aren't back to every-other-day yet, but we are back. We had our first reconnection-type spanking session on Wednesday. Then extra maintenance on Thursday. Nothing last night, we'll have to see what happens tonight. I'm going to wear super-cute panties just in case, lol :) 

Today has been a great lazy Saturday. We watched the Adam Sandler movie Hotel Transylvania with the kids (cute little movie, btw). I had a little errand to run with our girls, watched some college basketball. Nothing big and exciting, but a little while ago he grabbed my hand while we were sitting on opposite ends of the couch. 

It's not a bold affirmation of his love for me, like spanking or sex, but it's a little reminder. We are in this together. He's always there for me. I'm here for him. I love this renewed connection we have. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 
Elle :) 


  1. Lovely Elle :) I'm so glad you had that reconnection. You guys seem to be in a really great place. Happy for you!

    You are right, focus on, and enjoy the positive and trust Fireman that he won't let the distance creep in again :)


  2. It's wonderful to hear that there's smooth sailing on the horizon Elle & Fireman!
    Little bumps or choppy waters happen in every relationship. How you navigate your way through is a testament to your commitment to each other. Working on the process that works best for the two of you in your relationship will always smooth out the bumps and calm the waters. :)

  3. Sometimes attitude is everything. Sounds like you two are really coming together.
    We do maintenance every other day or so too. It definitely doesn't give you too much wiggle room for distancing and the communication flowing.
    Hope you continue to have a good week-end.
    Hugs, Catrinka

  4. I find my husband doing the same since we started DD. Just little touches, but they mean so much! Makes me feel like we're dating again. :) I am glad things are going so well for you now. I have to admit, we do maintenance twice a week, and I'm thinking of asking for three. I don't think it makes us spankos, I think we just realize the headspace it puts us in, how submissive we become, and how it emtpies our minds of all the chaos going on around in there. Whatever the balance, I hope you find what works best for you. :)

  5. Elle, I am so glad you're in a good place. It won't last. LOL! :) It never does bc life is not like that, and marriage isn't either. These good times are to be cherished, and when the tougher ones come you'll know what you are working to get back to, and remember that the good times DO and CAN exist!


  6. Yea for you two! I hope you've had a good weekend as well.

  7. Elle,
    I just love this post. :) The smooth sailings are so wonderful, and help keep us grounded when the waters get a little rough.

    You guys are awfully cute.

    Elisa Xo

  8. Smooth sailing is the best! Enjoy :)