Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coming down....

I wish i had a sexy, upbeat post, but no. The high I was riding is coming down crashing down.... I'm trying to pull up.. To snap out of it, but it's still a steady, slow, very imminent crash. 

I took the evening off from my exercise class last night to be home with my fireman. I thought that would help. Yesterday was chaotic, the baby is not feeling well, #2 is my constant shadow, #1 is fighting me about everything, the cat is acting out, and pushing me completely over the edge is this headache that has been off and mostly on for a week. Plus, my birthday is 3 days away and it just doesn't feel like my birthday. 

I thought staying home and veg~ing out was what I needed. I made dinner, fixed my fireman's bowl of chili, he even asked me to fix him a drink(!!).  We spent a little time together after the kids got in bed, I had a bubble bath, and we had great sexxxxy time (hair pulling, anyone??? ::blush::) 

Then this morning... Crash. The stupid headache is back, not enough time in the day, sick baby, plus my little shadow. I even text my fireman about feeling blah. He tried to help, really, but he's been so busy at work lately, it's hard for him to text as much as usual. 

Baby to the doctor, he still has an infection in his throat :(  We now see an ENT on next week. I know they're going to want to take his tonsils out and I'm very nervous :( 

I get a text from my fireman after I pick up #1 from school and take her to her music class. *Do we have anything going on tonight?* I'm thinking no! Yay, he's going to say something about being together. Ummm, nope. My head was seriously not being smart. After my reply of *No, why?* I relieve a follow-up text about a possible fire and how he might go and blah blah blah. *Oh, fine*, I text back.  Ding. Ding. Ding. I am busy, but also not making time to check my text.  

*Are you ignoring me?* I finally catch a glimpse of the last one. *No, I'm busy.* A few minutes later, I think no. I'm not going to lie and just be mad later. We talk for a second and he says he's not going to be gone for hours. Alright, fine. I really was busy. 

I don't know. Why do we have to get in these crabby moods? Why can I just ride the high continuously? And the most important... How do I snap out of it? 

Hopefully I'll have a better, more fun, interesting post tomorrow morning.... 


****** edit 

Almost immediately after this posted, my mother-in-law brought some delishy dinner, my fireman made the kids plates while I rested on the couch. This headache has knocked me down today. I went in to help and he had everything done! I made one cup, he had the other two all ready. 

He made me a plate and even offered to get me more when I wanted it. He fixed me a glass of sweet tea and handed me two pills to take. How sweet is he?! 

I am already out of my crabby mood and want to sit super close to my amazing hubby. 

Hopefully he won't go too hard on me later if he decides on maintenance or a punishment for ignoring and being super crabby. 



  1. Unfortunately life gets in the way- sick kids, errands, headaches, work. Sometimes the best you can do is apologize for being crabby take some ibuprofen, go to bed and hope tomorrow is better. I hope your little one feels better. I was nervous too when our oldest had her tonsils out and tubes put in her ears, but she did very well.

  2. oh Elle

    So glad you are now feeling better and not in that crabby place! Once again your Fireman pulled through for you.

    Normal to be nervous about your child having their tonsils will be fine. Our daughter had hers out at age 16 and I was a nervous wreck..but it was fine in the end, and so much better for her not getting sick all the time.

    lots of hugs

  3. I so hate that crabby, feeling blah, out of sorts with the world moments (days). Glad your firman was able to soothe your flames and bring you back to a peaceful place. Hope you continue to feel better! As for baby, they do far better with this type of procedure than adults. It's just harder on us as parents.
    Best of luck, Catrinka

  4. Ah! Glad to read the edit and that you are feeling better. Headaches can suck the life out of you!

    Don't worry too much about your little one's tonsils :) I know, that's easier said then done! I'm sure he will be fine if they have to, it's scary isn't it? we work ourselves up for these things and then all comes out well in the end. I've done it several times with my girls, got myself ALL worked up for nothing but smooth sailing.

  5. Im so happy to read that edit! Hope tomorrow is a great day for you!

  6. Oh dear Elle,

    Just another day in the jungle huh?

    I relive those days often - and in a way wish they were back. But I think you do brilliantly! I also used to suffer very bad "tension" headaches. I thought for a while they were migraines they were so bad. I had to stop taking the pill in the end. My hormone levels were so up and down. Of course, I now know that it was because I was getting very ill due to ovarian cysts. I had my hysterectomy at 36, which is kind of young. But never looked back.

    Your headaches could be the tension variety as well. But have you had them checked out? Could be worthwhile. Maybe they could suggest something?

    It's also hard with your husband is working long hours. I understand all about that as well. When you are feeling good, do you go to playgroups, mums and tots, storybook sessions etc? I used to try to plan something every day because otherwise I would've gone mad trying to provide entertainment for my little ones. I am positive that while your children are small, Fireman won't mind if everything in the house isn't "just so". Just tidy up, and pile everything in one corner of a room. It'll then look tidy and you can sort out the 'corner' when you have time and feel better. It worked for me.

    And when you get those daily telephone calls from Fireman, try not to snap (which I'm afraid I sometimes did). Instead say something like "I love you darling, but I'm feeling stressed/am having a lie down/I don't feel too good with this headache/I can't speak now but I look forward to your hugs tonight etc etc. You get the gist.

    I am sure you Babe will recover very quickly from having her tonsils out (if she has to). They bounce back from fevers very quickly when they are small. Try not to worry.

    Don't even think about maintenance when you are sick. I am sure it would be the last thing on Fireman's mind. There can be plenty of it when you feel good again.

    If you need to email me don't hesitate. Even just to have a rant.

    But it sounds as if things have improved already thanks to mum in law and Fireman plunging into the fray.

    Many hugs Elle,


  7. Awe Elle, Sounds like you had a lot going on and all while you were not feeling well.

    I hope you have managed to kick the headache finally and that bubs is also feeling better. Natural that you are feeling nervous about the prospect of his having his tonsils out.

    I'm so glad to read the edit, that your Fireman took such wonderful loving care of you and that you are feeling less crabby now.


  8. Why can't you just ride the high all the time? Hello? You're human, lol. I kid but I'm serious. Be gentle with yourself. We all have moments. I had a moment or two yesterday. *shrugs* it happens. Life isn't static, elle.

    The more important message I see here is that he took care of you (my favorite thing - reciprocity) and you got through. I wouldn't look at it as a setback, I'd look at is as one of those moments in life that test us and from here it looks like you guys did an awesome job of coming through together!

    Hope your headache is better - I woke up with one this morning, and the boys have off from school today - sigh - AND they had a sleepover last night.


  9. I think we can all least I know I can! I'm so glad that your day ended better than it started. ;)