Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Who would've thought?

Last night was a busy night. I swear, I don't see my husband until Thursday some weeks =\ 

I had a hair appointment, the girls each wanted their hair cut, and the only time my beautician had available before my birthday this weekend was last night. I started dinner, fireman finished it, and made my plate. If you don't eat this before you leave, I'm going to be upset with you. Okay, I'll eat it. It looks great

It wasn't the sit-down family dinner I swear every week we are going to do every night (so unrealistic for us...), but it was nice (and yummy)!! 

The girls and I went to our appointment, the baby and fireman stayed home and watched the Barrett-Jackson car auction and some college basketball. We stopped by the grocery store on our way home and got back a little later than I'd liked, but we needed groceries, so not much you I can do about it. 

I got everything for #1 ready for school the next morning, we sent the girls to bed, and I cuddled up next to fireman on the couch for a few minutes before my looming bedtime. Did you read any? (One of my requests for the week is to read a financial/budget book.. It's easy to read and I'm a fast reader...). Ummm yes? Crap, I'd forgotten to get to that today. Wrong answer. 

Rats. I figured it was maintenance night and I was wondering if he'd actually punish a little extra for not completing the request. Come on, he gestured to our bedroom. I tried to get out of it a little, giving pointless excuses and reasoning. Why? I have no idea. It's not going to work. I want this lifestyle, so why do I try to get out of it? 

He started, but our bed sits up so high, it's getting awkward to lay across it.  Usually, he does ten with the little toy paddle, but at 12 (counting in my head instead of out loud), I said hey, don't you usually only do 10, isn't that 12? I don't know. Smack. Why don't I know? Smack. Hmm? 14, I counted out loud from then on. Point made, lol :) 

Climb up on the bed. I know, I'm sliding. I scooted. 

No, like completely climb up

Now, lay down on your elbows. Oh, what a position. New and scary, but all of the instruction from him made me tingly inside! 

He switched up implements a couple times, rubbed, squeezed... I love the rubbing and squeezing. Then he laid his hand on my lower back and said commanded? instructed: stay there and walked out of the room. Whaaattttt? Yummy. Submission at its finest. Simple instruction, very risqué pose with my chest down, behind up, and facing where I couldn't see the door. I had no idea of what he was doing or how long he'd be gone, but I was staying there. For him. 

He came back. Smack. Rub. What are you going to do tomorrow? Um, laundry? Smack. Rub. What else? Take my mom to the doctor! Smack. Rub. What else? Read! Good girl. Tingles!! Did he just call me a good girl! haawwwwtttt! Smack. Rub. Anything else? Is that a trick question? Smack. I don't know? I was just checking, you're done. Hugs. 

You can go to bed now. Oh I can? Then the look. You don't know when to stop do you? I wondered if he'd come back and spank more, but he didn't. He just tucked me in our bed and kissed me goodnight. 

I went to sleep thinking about him calling me a good girl. I never would've imagined him saying it.... And never would've imagined enjoying it the way I definitely did :) who would've thought?! 

Wonder if I'll get another "good girl" anytime soon.... 



  1. amazing how hearing "good girl" can make you feel so submissive and tingly and safe and secure at the same time. Hope you get another "good girl" soon.
    Mrs. D

  2. Oh Elle that sounds wonderful.
    Glad things are looking so good for you guys x

  3. Well.. uhm.. WOW.. so that sounds like the kind of maintenance I'd like to have! LOL
    Haaaawwwwttt? Yes!

    Are you reading today?

    1. Haha, thanks Emi!

      I actually didn't get to read yesterday... Or today! Oops!

  4. When you have puzzled out why you try to get out of it, while you yourself wants this lifestyle, please let us know. I've heard that problem before.
    The maintenance session sounds yummy.
    Getting a "Good Girl" is the easiest thing in the world: Just be a good girl.

    1. Bas, dear, we want the lifestyle, the cozy feeling of being loved and taken care of by a big dominant alpha male. We want him to call us a good girl, and act like he is going to spank us, but we don't really want the spanking (at least I don't - especially not maintenance - yuk). It hurts and we feel vulnerable, so it makes it difficult to submit to it.....don't get me wrong, we are wired this way and we need it, we just don't want to need it.

    2. Maybe Lillie is on to something, Bas. I dunno!

  5. Hi Elle, sounds very yummy! My hubby quite often leaves me in position for a while afterwards and will either leave the room or stay in the room and continue talking to me. He almost always 'gets me up' again - his signal that we are done.

    Trying to get out of it is perplexing isn't it? Maybe it's our natural self protection instincts kicking in?

    OOh yes, hearing those words "good girl" - super yummy! LoL

    I hope you are reading today :)


  6. Mmmmmm.....hearing Good Girl makes me all tingly, too. Hope it happens more often for you! My HoH knows how much I like it so I think he tries to say as often as he can. It's the best when it's whispered in your ear when other people are around!

    1. Oh my, Kristy! That would be amazing!

  7. Mmmmhmmm, some of my favorite things -"Stay right there,don't move" - oh, holy flippin' heck! And the good girl- I'm Frosty in the January thaw....big ol' puddle anywhere we are :) Sounds like you had fun...oh,and sometimes it's kinda delicious to be left with that slack little lip and the hunger :)

  8. I love it when Ian calls me a good girl.....sigh.
    Glad it was all resolved so cozily, sweetie

  9. Ahh, Good Girl is THE BEST! Your maintenance session does sound like it was pretty good, too. Hugs.

  10. I second everything said above! I just love having my butt rubbed. I really look forward to maintenance for all the good bits! Why do we feel so good afterwards? Is it the endorphins? I don't think I'd like it too often though, because it would be like having a treat every day instead of once in a while. With maintenance being on a weekly basis, my tongue is practically hanging out. (Sorry, I really must have a kink somewhere.) I also think I would rather like to be called a 'good girl' instead of an 'old girl'!!! And the 'afterwards' is always to be looked forward to as well isn't it?!!!
    (Just saying it as it is Lillie! After all, you should know....)

    I think I'd better nip off sharpish....

    Hugs, Ami

    1. Lol, good girl is better than old! Lol! But I think it's just as endearing ;)

  11. I love "good girl", it does all kinds of yummy stuff to my mind...

    I find I resist sometimes because Im testing him, in a way. I want him to be consistent and I want the structure. I want to know he wont give in because I resist.

  12. Elle Honey!
    I've been bogged with work - but I just want you to know that I try and drop by and read everything that is going on with you.
    I don't always have time to reply - but I'm there in the wings!
    Jack's Jill