Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thankful & a recap of the weekend...

First, I am so thankful for all of you! I was so worried and nervous and so grateful all of you stopped and took a second to send me love and thoughts! I would absolutely do it for you, too! Fireman was amazing for me (everyday, but specifically yesterday). He was calm and strong, like always. 

He answered questions for me when we first got there when I was too upset to speak coherently, he placed his hand on my shoulder letting me know he was there, and he gathered my things for me when they took me to X-ray. He waited patiently outside that room, then sat right beside me as I laid exhausted on the bed (it was seriously past my bedtime!). I draped my leg on his and he held on tight. 

He told me stories from his day, he had been on a fire call right as soon as he got to the station for training and told me about different things to keep me from going to dark places. He was just there. And I'm so thankful for him too. I don't know what I did to deserve him, but I'm glad God picked him for me. :) 

***** birthday weekend *****

Saturday, birthday eve, we did nothing at all during the day and it was great. I knew we had the chance of getting a grandparent babysitter, so I asked him if we could maybe go out. What did you have in mind? Dinner and a movie? That's exactly what I had planned, sounds great. 

We watched television, the kids played, we had yummy lunch. He wouldn't tell me where we were going for dinner. Usually, I figure everything out. I am the hardest person to surprise. He wouldn't budge. I'm excited for dinner. Me too! Where are we eating? No, I will not slip up and tell you. Stop asking. Lol. 

We had great conversation in the car on the way, great conversation at dinner.  The movie was really good. Zero Dark Thirty. Has anyone else seen it? Very intense(!!!) but very good. It was loud and scary at a lot of points, but we both liked it. We got home late, snuggled, and I'm sure I fell asleep quickly. 

On Sunday, we had another great day. Church, the girls picked one of my favorite places for lunch, then we came home. Fireman surprised me with a soooo yummy cookie cake inscribed with Happy Birthday Mommy. Huge surprise!! He really outdid himself this weekend! 

We ordered Italian for dinner, kids got in bed and we snuggled on the couch. :)  It was probably one of the best birthdays I've ever had. :) 

I bought a hairbrush, finally. It's definitely scarier than I thought it would be. We haven't really gotten to try it out. We had a little miscommunication about it... He wanted to try a fun spanking with it, I thought he meant maintenance... He was all giggly and well.. It just ended badly. We talked about it yesterday and got everything straightened out (chalk another one up for communication!!!). I feel so bad that I misunderstood him! And I told him that I was still expecting an actual punishment from last week, so he understood my miscommunication. 

I love ttwd. I know fireman does too. 

The side effects are enough to keep me wanting dd for the rest of my life. The closeness, the ease of (okay, easier) communication, the bedroom effects. I have already told him he's getting a big thank you from me tonight. I was ready to thank him last night, but we were both exhausted after we got home. I need that good-girl spanking (unless he decides I need a real one...) and some sexxxxy time :)  now, how much longer til he gets home?! 



  1. What a very special Birthday weekend. This even sweetens that you are a year older again.

  2. That was lovely Elle and very many happy returns of the day to you!

    A hairbrush?! Hmmm...

    I hope your arm is feeling better. Any news on it yet?

    Hugs, Ami

  3. Ahh, glad you had such a nice birthday, that you are feeling better, and I hope tonight's bedroom activities are just as great. Take care.

  4. Hi Elle,

    Gosh I have been so busy the last week, I hardly know what is going on anymore in blogland. Once the Hoh goes back to work in a weeks time I will be able to catch up more!

    Happy belated birthday wishes to you!!!


  5. Lovely post Elle. I'm so glad and relieved for you that everything worked out and that Fireman took such great care of you and helped you through it.

    Belated Happy Birthday! Sounds like a lovely birthday weekend. The cake was so sweet of Fireman :)

    I'm glad you resolved your miscommunication. The side effects of TTWD are so great aren't they? :)


  6. Your birthday weekend sounds like it was lots of fun...after the hospital stuff was over and done with! I love surprises and isn't it kinda neat that we can learn how to let go and just see what happens.

    Hairbrushes...ugh! Sorry about the misunderstanding and confusion with the spanking. Trust me, it happens to all of us!