Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Still no excitement...

What is it about life getting in the way? 

Monday, as predicted, didn't really get to see Fireman until late. We sat near each other on our sofa, he had a late dinner, and I probably dozed off. Bedtime hasn't really been a consistent rule.. I find myself not paying much attention to the time. 

Yesterday I did laundry all day. (Yay me!). I haven't gotten it all put away yet, but I will. We were invited out to dinner and decided to go, since we were both tired and didn't feel much like making dinner. 

I visited a relative in the hospital (she's fine, nothing serious) and ended up staying with her all night. It was her first night there, I knew she was worried and sometimes her husband sucks. He's not an HoH at all :(  

I came home super  early and got fireman out of bed. I had completely intended to shower with him, but I sat down on the sofa while he was getting his things together and kinda fell into a daze. Of course the hospital staff had been in and out all night, sleeping in a recliner isn't my comfy bed, and I was trying to be awake when she was so I could help if she needed. 

It clicked when I heard him open the bathroom door. Missed opportunity. I thought you'd come in and shower with me. I actually meant to and I'm not really sure what happened. Come and talk to me for a minute. What?  Talk about what? Just come and talk to me, I didn't get to talk to you at all last night. (I really was thinking he meant for maintenance, which we've never done morning maintenance, but anything is possible. I was just too tired for it...). He finished getting his work stuff together and finished getting dressed while we talked about nothing in particular. 

Tonight is another busy evening. Our girls have a class they take, then I have an exercise class I've already committed to attending (that was before the getting little-to-no sleep last night..). 

I will be home plenty early before bedtime.. And he will probably join me in my shower, I'm almost positive he will. We'll have to see what happens after ;) 


Oh PS, hop over to Ami's  page and send her some well wishes. She and her hubby have a difficult road ahead and I know she could use all the love she can get :) 


  1. Elle, you are a good friend. Only a true friend would spend the night in the hospital with someone. Patience is no a virtue of mine, which at times makes life frustrating. Life does get in the way sometimes. Hope you get to take a nap today.

    1. I'm working on patience! I'm not always great at it either.

      This lady (saying that makes her sound like an older woman, she's only 37. She really doesn't even act like she's almost 40, lol). Anyway, she would do anything for anyone, especially me. When I got there and she said he wasn't coming back, I offered and she just said you can if you want to. Who wants to? Lol, so I knew she'd feel better if I did.

      Thanks Blondie :)

  2. Life does have a nasty habit of getting in the way, doesn't it? I think it was really sweet of you to spend the night in the hospital. Too bad her hubby was MIA. :( I'm sure she really appreciated you being there for her! I hope you and Fireman get that time you need together tonight! :)

  3. Your Fireman loves you and married you precisely because you are an angel that would spend the night at the hospital with a sick person. When life gets in the way, and it does with every marriage, our men understand - that's what strong men do.....

  4. Ah Elle, Life sure does get in the way at times - sigh! That was so sweet of you to spend the night in hospital with your friend. I hope you manage to get some rest today and that you and Fireman do get that time to connect tonight.


  5. Oh, Elle, I hope you were able to get some sleep last night! And I hope you had a good shower too. :) It's great to have friends you can count on, even to stay the night in the hospital with you. That was really sweet of you to do. And sweet that your husband just wanted to spend time with you before work. :)

  6. It totally gets in the way...and how very sweet of you to spend the night with your friend.

    I hope you two found each other last night!

  7. You're the best kind of friend to have. I too hope you and Fireman get a chance to spend lots of time together soon.

  8. Elle,
    I have found in our home, that when life gets in the way - and intimacy hasn't occurred for a while - my husband saying, "Hey babe, I missed you...come talk to me" means so much more than anything else in the world.

    You have a good man as your hubby, Elle. And he, a wonderful woman.

    Elisa Xo

  9. Thanks everyone :) you're all so sweet :)