Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How we met 2

Fireman left a comment last night on my last post with his fill-ins. (I have to mention that it was while I was asleep, with a new bedtime rule that he implemented, lol). 

He was ill on Monday when I wrote the last post. Some crazy stomach bug hit our house. It was the first morning after my new bedtime and he wanted me to wake up with him. I was looking forward to beginning our day with conserving water together ;) when he got up at 6:30, I eagerly sat up too. He was right, I felt refreshed after much my much earlier than normal bedtime. I'm not going to work, love. I've been up all night sick. Why didn't you wake me?! I didn't want to wake you, I wanted you to sleep. I'm alright, just not going in today. 

I knew he was really sick when he wasn't working. This man never misses work. He slept most of the day and suddenly I started to feel like I was getting sick, too. Noooooooo! I had way too much to do, I could not get sick! I prayed and prayed. I willed it away. I took some OTC medication. When I arrived back at home, I crashed. It finally hit me, not sickness, just exhaustion. I went to bed, he tucked me in, and told me he'd stay home the following day if needed. Seriously, do I have the best man ever, or what? ;) 

So, in fighting the sickness and running around all day, I forgot one HUGE detail! I still think about it to this day, but I forgot to add it to our story. 

My fireman commented, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw it, so I'm going to add it here. I sometimes forget to go back and check for comment replies, so I figure some of you might, too. 

******* from Fireman

I'll fill in a few bits, for sure. I wasn't a rich kid, quite the opposite. My buddies were all buying motorcycles and picking up girls, but the only way I could afford it was to buy a wrecked bike and rebuild it piece by piece. Now, being a 22 yr/old nice guy, I'm here to tell you nice guys finished last. Over and over. And for a kid with no money, zero self confidence, and in the middle of undergraduate Chemistry degree, women weren't exactly beating down my door. But that night I met L, something was different. The reason I didn't peruse her right off the bat was that she was engaged. I was several months from a failed engagement by someone who kuckled me, and that wasn't my style to do to someone else. However, L's friend kept feeding me behind the scenes how bad her fiancé treated her and how she didn't really know why they were even engaged. It took me a few months to get the courage to go back and even say "Hi". But in doing so, I reaffirmed to me that there was something - like magic. Our text and online conversations just let her get to know me since we couldn't exactly hang out on a daily basis. But, what sealed the deal...

A few months later, my friend and I rode down to a nearby town to watch a Friday night football game that I gave two shits about, but I had nothing better to do. Low and behold, there was L and her fiancé, and I saw them in passing by the concession stand. But when she saw me, I couldn't exactly go up and say hi, I didn't want to make a scene either. But when she finally saw me from a distance, I simply gave her a wink and a smile - thank you Mr. Sinatra. And for guys that may read this, I'm here to tell you I've loved three women in my life. None like my L, but the one thing that got me noticed, was a wink and smile. I guess my L was the only one meant to stick around. I spent much of my youth trying to convince girls that "being a nice guy" was a desirable thing. It took me a lot of heart ache to find someone to believe it. I'll be the first to admit I'm not perfect. I take great pride in trying to be, and have most of my life. That's my style I guess. But knowing we all fall short of the glory of God, I figure the best I can do is to be better than I was the day before. Surely that counts for something. 

But like she said, I literally was smiling thru the phone when she decided I was worth the chance. It hasn't been without our own heartache. Sometimes, I thought they made the movie "The Notebook" about our life!! Lol. I think those years have simply been growing pains on our journey of growing old together. So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :-)


I had no idea he'd be there at that game. My brother was playing for our high school team and I, of course, was his biggest fan. Towards half-time I had to find the ladies room. It was an away game for us, semi-close but not the nicest town. 

My mom didn't want me to go to the other side alone, so my fiancé at the time walked me over. He was waiting in the long line with me, but I don't think we were really speaking much at the time. 

For no reason at all, I turned around. I just felt it. I guess looking back now, the magnet was already there. 

There he was walking by, carrying his helmet, and he winked at me. I smiled instantly. My heart was fluttering and I had butterflies just from seeing him. It was crazy! 

I secretly glanced around for him for the remainder of the game. I just wanted another chance to talk to him! I am amazed at the way our story happened ;) 

And, let me tell you. He is the nicest guy. He truly is. But he has the facade of a bad boy. Motorcycle riding, guitar playing, fast car, he's even got the look of a bad boy, but he's all that wrapped around a nice guy. 

I'm the luckiest girl ever ;) 


  1. I get so excited when I read the stories of people so obviously in love :) Butterflies are awesome, I still get them!

  2. Funny thing that Love thing. You will never be able to tell why you specifically noticed each other, but still it was meant to happen. It really makes one think about serendipity.

  3. Lovely story, Elle! You two have a special love.

  4. Aaaawww, this was so sweet! I just read your first post on the topic and now this one. Thanks for sharing the beginning of the story the two of you are writing together. :)

  5. Wow, what a beautiful post Elle :) Isn't love wonderful!

  6. That is so neat! I'm glad he shared in writing too.
    I love the butterflies in the stomach! I remember meeting "H" after we "saw" each other for a few nights in a row but never spoke.. felt like my heart was pounding out of my throat! Those nice guys can really melt your heart.

  7. Lovely story Elle, thanks for sharing. It's always great to hear the how we got together stories. You two have a special love and it was great to read the story from both of you.

    I love how Fireman tucked you into bed and offered to stay home again, he sounds wonderful and sweet :) I hope you are both feeling better now.


  8. I too just can't get enough of these stories.

    Hope you are all staying healthy!

  9. Serendipity happens, no doubt about it. It's more than finding something good, it's finding just what you need without expecting or looking for it.