Friday, January 4, 2013

From Fireman

Fireman here. For those keeping track, this is my first official post (well, response really). I feel compelled to give a big thanks for everyone who has input your thought, prayers, and support to my love. Seriously, thank you all.

 And especially you ladies, thank you for supporting me even though you only got her side of the story - and there's ALWAYS two sides to every story. That said, I give L a lot of credit for confiding in this community, and even representing the situation fairly accurately. 

I've not read every single blog she's written, but I want to say that before ttwd, there really were some bad times between us. DD in my heart has saved us. And we're still baby stepping! Lol. I won't hijack her thread any further. I want to clarify that communication has ALWAYS been a weak point for us. In the past when there were bumps, it was either silence or arguing.

Communication and resolution has typically came via text while I was away at work because that seemed the only way for us to talk without tone of voice or mannerisms making things worse. TTWD has changed US together already in such a way that the triggers to arguments and hardships has vanished. Practically overnight. 

I probably wasn't as on board as I should have been, prior to the commissioning of Parts 1 - 3, but like one of the ladies pointed out, I hurt inside when things aren't right between us. But this girl is the love of my life, and my best friend. Sometimes we have to get out of our own way to fix the messes we've made. And because of the position I started off in by not knowing what was wrong, doing nothing was unacceptable so I did what I knew to do I get our house back on solid ground. 

I'm thankful that she listened to all of your input, this certainly wouldn't have been resolved this soon or this well prior to DD. I'm hooked. For good. And such a believer already, I wish I could figure out how to share it with my best friend who's marriage has been falling apart. 

L saved us, by finding DD and this community on her own. I can't imagine this would ever have worked if I'd have found this and tried to talk her into it. What's meant to be will be though. I'm so looking forward to being a part of this, and hopefully contributing like you guys have for us. Apologies for the novel. :-).

 Till then, Fireman.


  1. Welcome to Blogland Fireman and don't be a stranger about posting. We can always use more HoH views.

  2. This was a comment, he didn't know how to make it a blog post. I'm going to show him how when he gets home. I felt like it needed to be its own post :)

    I loved reading this first thing this morning :) I love you :)

  3. Hi Fireman, this is a lovely post and your love for your lovely lady shines through.

    I am so glad you two were able to work through this and get back on track. It seems that you are already seeing the many benefits of ttwd. It's not an easy path, it can get messy at times but I for one would never look back.

    Wishing you all the very best in your continued journey.


  4. Welcome Fireman! I hope this means you'll be dropping by and sharing a post sometimes too!
    It's true that DD can open new communication lines and revitalize a relationship, but to truly revive a marriage it takes the love that you and L have for one another.

  5. How very sweet, I have to say it takes guts for a man to come to blog land and say he's not perfect but he's trying. I think that's all we all can ever do try our best and admit when we've gone wrong and ask for help and communicate to make things better. I wish you both all the best x

  6. Well this was certainly a wonderful thing to wake up and read this morning! I can't imagine how fantastic and internally 'glowy' you must have felt reading it Elle.

    Welcome Fireman. My husband will be so interested to start reading, if you decide to start writing. It is a very difficult position we have asked you men to be in at times and your point of view is beneficial to both sexes in ttwd.

    As for seeing your side of the story, sometimes that is the push we all need to remember that we aren't alone in this. We aren't alone in this community, aren't alone in the problem, and we aren't alone in finding the solution. That being said, easier remembered when we are on THIS side of the blog post!

    Here is to furthering your success in this difficult adventure!


  7. Elle, you are a lucky lady. He seems like a peach and a keeper!

    Hugs to you both,


  8. Hello Fireman. I think it's great that you're taking a real interest in Elle's blog and I hope that you will post now and then. We can't really enough HoH's POV here. You are indeed one lucky lady, Elle!

  9. So very sweet! Happy you two were able to work things out!

  10. Hello Fireman welcome to blogland! I'm so happy you guys were able to get through this rough patch. I think it's wonderful that you went back to read Elle's blogs to get some insight as to how she was feeling and even more wonderful that you posted on her blog.I hope we see you again here in blogland.
    Mrs. D

  11. Hi Fireman, Elle is very lucky indeed. At least you are willing to read her posts and to see what is going on in the world of Dd. And it's good to know that we all have our problems isn't it?

    Look forward to reading more from you when you have time.

    Hugs, Ami

  12. Hi Fireman, and welcome to Dd Blogland. I came by to say hello to Elle as she left a comment on my own blog. I've never been by before, so hello to both of you. I've read a bit of this blog and look forward to getting to know you both.
    I loved when Henry posted on my blog, and I can see that it made Elle feel very special. Best wishes to you both! Elysia :-)

  13. Hello Fireman!
    Wonderful to finally hear from you.
    My hubby and I couldn't talk without getting angry or hurt.
    Isn't it fantastic what an old fashioned concept of "let the man
    be the head of the house" do for communication?
    I too believe that DD has saved our marriage. We are so much in love and best friends too, but couldn't talk at all. Seems life got in the way - but not so anymore.
    My hubby disciplines me (not punishment) to keep me on track of my goals to be a good submissive wife who doesn't contradict his decisions or bitch at him for the smallest things. I think most men would give anything to have a calm and peaceful family life and that is exactly what DD does.
    All the luck Fireman and sweet Elle too!
    Jack's Jill

  14. Hi Fireman! The other ladies have already said it all. WE women are so encouraged when our men understand us and throw out these responses. We feel heard and loved. Elle is a very lucky lady!