Monday, December 17, 2012


Inadvertently, I took a tiny hiatus from blog land. I didn't intend to, it just happened. I think my children's busy schedules have finally come to a halt for the year. A much needed halt. I just need some time at home with them, not running around in a mad dash to get to 12 places at once. I need us all home safe with my fireman and away from the world. 

I had no words on Friday night or Saturday. I had no words yesterday. I have cried, prayed, reflected, and grieved. My heart just hurt. Tremendously. I heard about it initially at a late breakfast, early lunch with children #2 & 3 at the restaurant where my mom works.

From the initial report that I saw, when information had first started spreading, it was only reported that three were taken to a hospital. I had hoped it wasn't bad. It wasn't until after I picked my kindergartner up from school that I saw the actual reports.  I couldn't comprehend. I still can't. So many prayers going up for that small town and the precious 20 angels that now surround it. 

I read that tomorrow there will be a blogger day of silence. You can get all the details here.  I found out from Knowing Your Roles


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