Monday, December 17, 2012

Back to our regularly scheduled DD....

We keep falling behind (no pun intended) on maintenance. My fireman had said he was going to incorporate more, but it really hasn't happened much. It seems Sunday after the kids go to bed, I always get a spanking. Usually, punishment. I swear, it's because no maintenance happens for the beginning of the weekend, then somehow I find myself in trouble.  Monday we talk about it and get more details ironed out. Sometimes maintenance on Monday or Tuesday... Then nothing until Sunday. 

It's a vicious cycle. I feel great right now, the high after. The closeness, the we're-in-this-together feeling. Today is Monday, the morning after a punishment. But tomorrow, I don't know. I'm not sure how my fireman feels about daily maintenance. I'm not entirely sure how I feel. 

Maybe it doesn't need to be daily, but definitely more than Tuesday-Sunday.  In fact, I just send a text to initiate a conversation about it.  
Edit:: He's going to consider daily maintenance for like a week until we get into the swing of doing more regular maintenance. I'll let ya know what he decides :)

This weekend, I realized something else I need to initiate a conversation with my fireman about. Sometimes, I need that reassuring, reaffirming, maintenance type spanking before we go certain places.  I think it's because I need to feel that he's in control of the situation and that it's going to be fine. I get anxious when we are going to be in certain situations with certain people or like a party where I'm not going to know anyone. I hate these situations. 

I always feel like some members of his extended family aren't my biggest fan. I just have different beliefs than some of them and while I'm po,it's, I can get a little closed off and just be on autopilot to get through the situation. But, I think it would help if we had a little reaffirmation before we left to go to the party. Does anyone else do this? 

I think it would really help, but I'm not sure what my fireman will think about it. He is getting a lot more into it. He's doing better every week and becoming more and more HoH~y.  
Edit: after talking with him via text today, he agrees and thinks it might help. 

I was in trouble last night. My bratty attitude and smart mouth had shown up too much over the weekend.  A while back, he had decided no jeans (rats! I was hoping he wouldn't notice that it wasn't as effective, lol). Generally, I was allowed to keep my yoga pants on.  He does like the way my ass looks in them.  Apparently wearing something that says "love pink" on the waistband doesn't help my bottom though, lol.  So, my fireman has now decided he likes to see my behind pink. 

Last night, he dropped a bomb on me (omg, I'm leaving that, but it was completely not intended, lol) that from now on, no pants. Ughhhhhh. Okay. 

Then another bomb. No cute little panties are going to save your ass either. One again, probably unhelpful to wear VS pink panties, too. 
Whatttttttttt??? This is very out of character for my fireman. He's definitely taking this HoH role seriously. 

And then for the final bomb. You're going to count. Me? I'm counting? Yes. Just for today? Nope. From now on. Really? Yes, really. 1...2... Ow 3.... And so on. When he was finished he gave me another direction. 

Except, that wasn't enough. Not for him, for me. I didn't feel like I could comply. Old me would've waited until the next day to text him and just went through the motions for the directions I was given. So. I told him. The sting from the not-bad-enough implement was already gone. I knew my behind was like wtf, are you for real? But if we are doing this, we are going to do it right. 

Alright. He got up and picked up his jeans. Yikes, what have I done?? You didn't have to go straight to the belt. I tried to reason to pick something else. What? I have no idea. We don't have much in the implement department. I haven't used this one. Lean forward. Do I have to count again? Yesssss. 1.. Owwww 2.. Owww okay 3...  And so on. 

Okay. Alright, I really am sorry. And yes, that was better. 

And we proceeded to have a very nice ending to the evening ;) I am loving this take action, confident man who has shown up and is here to stay :) 



  1. Morning Elle

    Looks like he is onboard the HoH'y ship well and truly!

    I have heard that a spanking before going out to places helps to keep you in perspective.

    PS. the counting really is awful isn't it :)

    hugs :)

    1. Ughhhh! I *hate* the counting! It is awful!
      I'll do it if he wants me to, though!

  2. Hi elle!
    When you asked, "Does anyone else do this"...
    That particular style of spanking is commonly known as a Reminder Spanking. A preemptive spanking administered before a situation or event. Not meant as a punishment, but enough to warm the posterior for the duration of the event in order to remind the TiH of whatever instructions they were given before the event.
    Good post!

    1. Thanks MrBB!
      Yea, that's definitely what I'm talking about! I think I did read about those before, but completely forgot what they were technically called. :)

  3. HI Elle,
    Perhaps a mid-week spanking might help to keep that feeling going for you. and as for no more panties during spanking they like to see their handiwork. Hope you find a happy medium that works for you.
    Hugs, Mrs, D

    1. You're right! My fireman does like to see his handiwork!
      I think you're right about the mid-week. Maybe after we get through this daily maintenance, which starts to ought and runs for a trial week, we'll do just a mid-week. Who knows! Lol :)

  4. yeah, after a while you become much better tho.

    I remember at one point I needed some centering at least once a week. Now he manages to get me in the same frame of mind with just his words.

    1. I hope I get there, fondles. With this craziness, I feel like I need centering everyday!