Tuesday, December 11, 2012


It's funny. We haven't been doing ttwd very long, but like I posted yesterday morning, it's in my brain. It is in my routine. But still, sometimes life gets in the way. 
Strange how missing maintenance that I was actually looking forward to, effects me. I'm all blah today and I think I really needed that reset last night, but it didn't happen. 
We had great communication yesterday. (Chalk another one up to domestic discipline!!) I love chatting off and on during the day, via text. It's easier to text still than face-to-face, but that's getting easier, too. 

We talked about how I didn't get punishment or maintenance all weekend. He said since my mess-up on Tuesday (We'll discuss this later..), I didn't deserve any punishment. My fireman did say that he had wanted to do maintenance, but then either talked himself out of it, or missed the opportunity.  We talked about how he has to needs to stop thinking about me as the old me. The one who would get mad at the drop of a hat or make conditions really bad for everyone here.

I asked him why he talked himself out of it and told him I'd love to live in his head for a day, lol. My fireman said I would hate it there and leave after 10 minutes. Nah. I'd just muscle through and use it as a learning experience, lol. I told him he had to start believing that he can do it. He said he has no problem administering punishment when I deserve it, but the doubt comes when he needs to do maintenance. 

So, then I got brave and asked him if he ever wanted to spank me. Just for fun. I have to admit, I asked because I want him to want to. I want him to feel like he can and I want him to have that power over me. I want him to take control whenever he wants, just because. 

I waited for the text reply and I didn't have to wait long. "Um. Actually, yes." Hm. I'm surprised. "Wtf. You're surprised?" He's the self-proclaimed vanilla! I was verrrry surprised. And turned on at the same time. 

It's an exciting time at this fire house! My maintenance didn't come through last night, but we've already talked about how he's making sure it happens tonight. 

I love how his self confidence is through the roof. I love that is because of me. He is amazing and deserves the self confidence! The way he is interacting with me is even better too. Once again, all thanks to domestic discipline.

I know things will only continue to improve around here. Did I mention its an exciting time around here?? 

Now.. How much longer till he gets home and I finally get my maintenance and/or spanking just because he wants to?? 

~Elle :)


  1. It's the same with all HoH's.
    Their wives start to respect them and that's all they need. Self confidence goes through the roof.
    And with all that self confidence the wife respects him even more.

  2. Well Elle, it's a good thing you talked about it, and how lucky are you to have a wonderful fireman who would love to give you maintenance?!
    Jack's Jill

  3. I agree with you and Bas, on the self confidence with Hoh. Ttwd has made a huge difference to my HoH.

    Well done Elle :)

    (Ps. I have been dying to ask that question to my vanilla husband too)

    1. Just get brave!! Mine is wayyyyyy less vanilla than he thinks/thought!

      Thank you!

  4. I agree with Bas as well. Happy maintenance spanking!

  5. It never ceases to amaze me, how absolutely comforting "just because I can," or "Just because I want to," can be.

    I think that sometimes it's difficult for us to realize how much of an impact we have on their self-confidence--it's either a vicious circle, or a wonderful cycle.
    Sounds like you are on the "Wonderful cycle" part of the programming!

  6. It is definitely comforting! And makes me feel all the love.
    We are definitely in a good cycle. I'm hoping those bad ones are behind us!!