Friday, December 21, 2012

Behaving :)

I wonder if I'll end up jinxing myself with this one? I guess we will see. :) 

First, a big congratulations on surviving the end of the world with me, lol. Except, according to some the time hasn't come yet. To others, the time that it was supposed to happen has already passed. I guess we will see. My thought is.. Leap year. If it were really the end, they didn't account for leap year. Shouldn't we all have gone up in flames a while ago? Oh well. Not important. 

I realized something great this morning when I woke up.  I haven't been in trouble since Sunday! I was actually thinking it may have been longer, but nope, I checked.  Still though, that many days is good for me :) I usually start getting.. out of hand? I don't know what terminology to use, but I guess out of sorts. I think knowing he doesn't feel well and knowing there is impending maintenance helps.
On the maintenance front, my fireman hasn't been feeling very well =\  Our daily maintenance hasn't happened the way we thought it would at the beginning of the week. He has been so exhausted by the end of the day, plus feeling bad made it worse. But, I'm hoping for maintenance tonight. I feel like I need it. We are doing really good well though.  I feel like we've been getting along really well this week. He's going to be home in just a little bit, then he's home for the rest of the year!! Yayyy! I'm so excited to have my family here together. 

Being together with not much of a break will be interesting though. Since we've been doing ttwd, this will be our first big break together.  In the past, we have had big fights at Christmas. I remember slamming doors, going places alone, yelling, and being angry. At the end of whatever stupid argument we would have, I felt bad. Sometimes it would drag on. Then resurface with the next argument. Rarely was anything resolved. I'm so thankful for dd now. Everything is taken care of. No underlying issues. No taking two days of fighting or the silent treatment to get to what's actually wrong. 

I get a little stressed out bouncing around from house to house, visiting family. Last year wasn't bad, but we had a brand new baby. I was still coping with issues from having surgery and a messed up epi that I'm still dealing with issues from. My fireman was wonderful though. He helped me so much. We could have began ttwd then, our relationship was (is!!) strong.

Being around some people makes me very uneasy though.  Especially some of his family, but I'm hoping those reminder sessions we incorporate will make a big difference.

.... so I wrote all of that earlier, before he got home.  Then.. an incident.  I knew writing a post on being good would be jinxing.  It just had to do with the kids and him and I felt like he wasn't here

I kind of melted down on him. At the time, I was just mad, hurt, super angry and now I feel badly about it. I really do. He hasn't said anything about punishment, but the kids are all running wild. He will definitely let me know by the end of today. I love that. Even though I won't love getting in trouble.. Or that blasted counting, but I will love that tomorrow it won't matter. It will be over, done, and taken care of. 

Found this and thought it suited DDers pretty well :) 

Have a great before-Christmas weekend! 



  1. This is sort of off topic, but if you ever want to talk about your birth experience, you can contact me! Im kind of a birth junkie....just a tad. Ok a lot. Lol