Monday, December 3, 2012

Closer together..

I don't know how or why, I just know it happens. Living the DD lifestyle makes you feel so much closer as a couple.  It's almost like that together-closeness you feel after you've had a baby and you just feel close.  You know the one?  It's a good one, right??

Like I said last time, I don't *want* to be in trouble. I want to be perfect. Ugh, yes I'm a perfectionist. Anyone else out there suffer from perfectionism? Bleh. Hate it! I know, no one is perfect. No one will ever be perfect, it's just my crazy head =P 

But whether its punishment or maintenance.. I always feel that super closeness after. And it just lingers for the longest time. He is like a magnet. It's a force that just pulls me and I crave to be close to him. I'm needy and spoiled by him, but I still want to be close. 

At family functions or events where we are with other couples, I'm observant.  I find it fascinating to see how other couples interact. I've always been that way, but I think I pick up on things more now, since we've started ttwd. I see disrespect and I just cringe. I hate to think that at one point, I could've been the woman that I overheard saying "and if he think that's happening, well he's wrong!"  I could die thinking about how I used to be to my husband. He really deserves so much better. And so do I! 

The magnetic charge between us has always been there. I was always just drawn to him. Even when I tried to fight it, it was still there. We are just meant to be together. That physical connection is awesome.. But now the emotional one is even greater. 

Jack's Jill gets regular maintenance spankings everyday. I sometimes wonder if that's for me, too. How often do you guys do maintenance, for the ones that do? I think it might be good for us. Hubz says if we go a long time without spanking he gets out if the routine... So I just now, actually suggesting upping maintenance until he gets more comfy with it. Wow, I should so get a good dd wife award ;) 

I guess we'll see how often he decides to do these new maintenance sessions and how it goes!! I know I'm all for it. Anything to keep this close feeling :) 

Xo! ~Elle 


  1. Sweet Elle - what a great post today!
    How lucky are you to have found your soul-mate?!
    (very, very lucky!)
    I think being observant is really useful - because you can see exactly how you DON'T want to be.
    I'm a pretty hard-headed person - I teach, which means I have a lot of kids dependent on me - so it's nice to give up control when at home - so those daily reminders help me slip the reins and let Jack take over.
    We'll see how it goes - it doesn't really hurt for long and Jack is learning to deal with it.
    Hope you and yours have a great day today!

    1. I consider myself very lucky too!!
      I went to school for elementary education also! But life had other plans!!
      Thank you for adding me to your blog roll :)

  2. This is my first visit to your blog and I wanted to say hello.
    We don't do maintenance because Steven travels so much. But that could change at any time.
    Good Luck and Best Wishes!

    1. Thank you for visiting!! & commenting!
      I am in awe of the dd wives (and all wives) whose husbands are gone for work or deployed. You are all so strong!!
      Thank you! Comment anytime!! :)

  3. Hello Elle,

    The closeness after a spanking is definitely a unique and wonderful experience for DD couples, my wife and I included of course. It's hard to put that phenomenon into words, but those of us that have experienced know exactly what it feels like.

    Your paragraph about wanting to be perfect reminds me so much of my wife. She's a perfectionist too. She puts a lot of pressure on herself to be perfect. She comes awfully close! :)

    My wife and I do maintenance every couple of weeks, which is fairly infrequent. I feel that the infrequency of it actually gives it more meaningful results, however. It works great for us.

    Great post! All the best to you, Elle.

    -- Clint

    1. Thank you, Clint!! That means a lot coming from you! :) I appreciate it!!

  4. Hi Elle,

    Welcome to blogland. Just wanted to say hi. We don't do maintenance...YET. That could change at the drop of a hat though :) Looking forward to reading about your journey :)

    1. Thanks for commenting and checking my blog out, M3!!
      You're right, you never know! it's fun to not have to make all of the decisions!


  5. Hi Elle! No time left to read but I'll come back for new posts. Welcome to blogland.

  6. Oh yes--many of us suffer from perfectionism. I have settled for trying to be perfectly what he needs. General perfection is a far to elusive goal.
    At that, it's a work in progress lol.

    Welcome to Blogland.

    1. Thank you!
      Excellent point also. I don't care if I'm perfect for anyone but my fireman!! :)