Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Following directions..

When something needs done, I try to get it done. Just don't come check my laundry, you won't believe me! I have 3 kids, I always have a lot of mountain of laundry to do. As they get older, I fear it will only get worse. 

I'm getting way off subject already!! My mind has a tendency to wander. Wonder if I'll ever get punished for that.... I think about that sometimes. What bad habits of mine is my fireman keeping track of? We didn't want to throw everything out there all at once, but I know additional rules will be added as we continue along. I always wonder what I'm doing now that will get me spanked in the future. 

I know that look though. He has that HoH look down. You know the one. The one that says you're pushing it. I get that look all of the time sometimes. I think he's actually been using that look for quite some time. I can remember seeing it on his face in different situations in the past. I'm sure I didn't care at the time. I feel less than great about that now =\  I often wish ttwd would've been brought into our lives earlier, but I know this is the right time. 

We are temporarily doing daily maintenance. Only for one week. I suggested it after last weekend, you can read about that here. I am curious if it will actually be a straight seven days. One bad thing about both my fireman and I, we aren't very consistent. I try to be, just like with laundry that I mentioned above. I'll get on a good schedule, but then something happens and I fall off the wagon. We are consistent with love and our children, but just not with doing things that need to be done.  I'm a little worried that one day, we'll fall out of the dd lifestyle. 
He says I hope not. I certainly think it has had an extremely positive effect on our marriage and not just the spicy part, although the impact there is undeniable. (Just copied that from his text directly). I asked if he wanted to elaborate. I love when he talks about this stuff to me :) 

So, I hopped in the shower after we got the kids all in bed last night. I was standing under the water, just letting it fall before I began washing my hair. I opened my eyes and my fireman was standing in front of me. :) yay. I love when he joins my shower time <-- that's what I call it when he starts being stingy with the water, lol.  I love interrupting shower time. Sometimes, if I can drag myself out of bed when he gets up, I interrupt his.  He's a Scorpio, he likes water ;) 

I put on some comfy pants and a tank when we got out. He looked at me like ha. You know our new rule. Maintenance is no pants also. I can take them off easily. Well, alright then.  

I started looking at some pictures on the computer of a recent family session we all had done. My fireman was playing ps3. After I few minutes, he stopped his game, when to get his stashed implement, and stood beside me. No verbal directions, but I knew what it meant. Okay, I'm just sending a quick text and I'm done. I climb on the couch and present my behind. I thought it would be in my favor to be super compliant. Especially since he hasn't used this implement with me bare. 

I reminded him. Just in case. I'm aware. He yanked my flimsy pants and panties down.  I could be wrong, but I think he took in the view for a second. Men. ;) 

Whack. Owww. Okay. Very sting-y. Whack. Ouch. Really. That is not fun. Whack. Owwwww. 

That's three. And you need to count. Rats. I thought maybe that would not continue. I countered the next two, they were stingy and I lost count. At 6 (I know. It sounds like I am such a weenie!) I lost count. Owwww, I don't remember what number we are on?! 6. Keep counting. 

We got to ten and he moved away. I thought that meant it was over. I slid my pants easily up and immediately heard did I tell you you could put your pants up? Um, no. I quickly slid them back down. 

Whack. Owww okayyyy. He stopped. I probably should stop that little whining. It probably makes him feel like he needs to stop, when he really doesn't. Tricky thing, this dd.  

I know I get it much easier than a lot of you. I mean, I only got 10 11 last night, but yikes! Maybe it's because we are just starting out? We don't have much in the way of implements.  He uses his belt and this guitar strap that he was pretty creative about (that's what it was last night). It's leather and kind of padded inside or something. It's much thicker than a belt, but it still has that end-sting that a belt has. 

I bought a hairbrush once in the beginning, but it wasn't wooden, so it broke when he was just holding it. Oops. Maybe I need to buy a wooden hairbrush? I don't have any wooden spoons. I'm terrified of actual paddles. I don't know. Any suggestions are welcome! 



  1. In my experience the laundry gets easier as they get older. Downside, their clothes get bigger so you can't throw as much in the washer as you once could. Hope that makes you feel better :)

    Can't help you with the implement thing, unless you pick up a few things and have an experiment night like we did ( stay away from plastic hangers, and silicone spatulas is all I'm going to say about that!).

    The look...Barney said he used to give them to me before ttwd too- I just was never looking! LOL


    1. I'll have to ask my fireman. I'm sure he probably remembers doing it, too. Lol. I think I might buy him something for Christmas.. Not sure yet, lol.
      I have a feeling laundry is just going to get worse with my girls. If they're like I was, they'll change their clothes like 3x a day, lol.

  2. It's not necessarily inconsistent when you don't get the laundry or whatever household chores done routinely especially with little ones afoot. Things come up and with kids sometimes they have to dealt with first or instead of.Don't worry the laundry will still be there and as long as no one has to go naked it will be fine. Don;t think of it as being inconsistent, think of it as reprioritizing ,being flexible or whatever works for you.
    As far as implements go the right paddle can be very nice. Mr. D bought one that is leather on one side and soft and furry on the other.
    Hope that helps, Love Mrs. D

    1. I like the reprioritizing! I'll have to remember that! You're right. Something always comes up with them when I'm trying to do something!!
      I'll have to check some of them out! Thanks mrs d!!

  3. I've got different experience with laundry when they grow up. 3 sets of clothes a day are not unusual. When you have worn a shirt a staggering 15 minutes, you can fold it and put it back in your closet, or drop it in the laundry basket. Then magically it will fold itself and reappear in the closet. Simple choice.
    It looks like you've started your own version of Bootcamp.
    A wooden hairbrush should be in his arsenal, it wiil keep the evil belt away from your behind.

    1. I remember those days! My mom would get so mad at my laundry! I pulled the 'when cleaning your room, just put all clothes out in the laundry instead of away'. Gah, I was a brat, lol.
      I think I'll go to the hairbrush before the paddle. For some reason, I've got a paddle as the worst thing in my head. Well.. That we would use!

  4. OH my! Your laundry sounds like mine!
    4 kiddos and two are old enough to do their own... but somehow it still piles up! My house can look beautiful, but if you try my laundry room door, you might get an avalanche of dirty clothes tumbling down on you!
    I have wondered if "H" will spank me for that as well one day...

    Implements... we don't use many, but stay away from rubber rulers!
    O M G
    instant welts... We would only use that for something pretty bad though, not maintenance.

    Luckily, it's just his hand for that!!

    1. I will remember that Emi!

      Lol, I have our laundry hidden usually, too, Lol :)

  5. Aw, yes. I know that look too. I agree, it was always there, I just didn't pay any attention to it before DD.

    My husband recently bought a huge wooden paddle and just looking at it is enough to make me cringe. He gave me a few experimental swats with it. I think when used for real, it would be seriously painful!! My husband works with his hands and they're pretty strong and rough/tough. He can make just his hand hurt pretty intensely. I'm not in any hurry to step up to the wood!

    I love shower sharing too :)

    1. You conserve water. What can be better than that?? Lol. We probably use more. Lol.
      I know! Wood is scary!

  6. "Rubber rulers" suggested by Emi sounds good, I haven't tried them but I can imagine they wouldn't wake the children yet would have plenty of effect Instant welts sound really interesting to me!

    A leather tawse is traditionally very effective but noisy; it's even more effective if it's extended by attaching a wooden handle. Wooden spoons are recommended by some and easy to obtain.

    My preference is a cane - soak the business half in water for a couple hours for more sting,less noise and less likelihood of breaking. You get instant welts with that, too.

  7. I'm afraid of a cane, too. I think that might be too serious for my HoH. He is still part vanilla, lol :)

  8. Im with you on being a weenie! 10 spanks is plenty! Thank you very much! Lol. Weve only ever used his hand and belt. Im open to trying a paddle but he had no desire for that right now. Keep us updated on how the maintenance goes!

    P.S. I have to count too...