Friday, December 21, 2012


***Edit:: this was written 12/20/12.  When I fixed a grammatical error, it moved above the Behaving :) post... And now I can't get it back, lol. 

We don't do otk. Although, for fun spankings I think it would be hot. That position is intimate and would be an instant submissive state for my head. I think. We don't usually use the term submissive. I'll have to send him a text about that to get his thoughts. He'll probably say something like you? Submissive! Ha. Or, he might surprise me. He's been known to do that. Honestly, I'm still surprised he didn't have me committed the very moment after I introduced the idea of domestic discipline to him. 

My fireman said it made him feel weird the one time we did do otk (over the knee, in case you are lost. I think my readers will know otk, but just in case).  We started out with me laying over our bed. That's probably what we both prefer, but with kids, the baby in our room until we get things moved around (hopefully next week!!!), it's impossible to do otb right now. 

We tried going to the basement. Which is pretty ideal if it's during the day/evening and my fireman doesn't want to wait until later to administer any spanking punishment or maintenance.  The only problem with that is stability. Me leaning over the washer (what an image, lol) is hard.. The washer is too high and I'm not wearing my cute sexy, make my legs so much longer heels during a punishment.  I might try that one day.  I'll have to save that in my brain for when things start to get severe? Intense.  Maybe I'll be with sexy shoes the way some women are with wearing new, sexy panties to a spanking.. Especially since my not-helping-much-anyway panties will now be removed. 

Back to my point... There's no surface down in the basement for me to lean over somewhat comfortably. It might take some creativity, but maybe I can work on making something doable for me to lean over if he wants to use the basement. 

Mostly we just use the couch. But, still not like this picture. (But see?!?! that could be hawwwwwt). I put a pillow or two in front of me, lean forward towards the back of the couch, and present my behind.  He usually pulls my clothes/panties down. I haven't had to do that yet.. Except the one time two days can read about that here

My fireman does some swats, too.  It's usually not serious, though. He'll swat anytime. He's pretty much always been that way though. I guess I've always just had a spankable ass ::wink:: Maybe I should've known this was coming? Lol. 

What's your favorite (or least favorite) spanking position? Otk? Otb? Otk? O-T-something else? 



  1. We didn't do a lot of OTK for most of our DD relationship since I was pregnant about a month after we started, but we have been doing it A LOT lately...

    We have kids all over the place too (and the twinsies in our bedroom too!) so it's hard to find a time, but He usually does. It's amazing the time he DOES seem to find to pull me over...

    We have a finished basement though, and a back storage room, so I've been pulled back there and he's sat in my sewing chair and pulled me OTK.

    It is very submissive and once he found out just how submissive, he's really used it to sort of question me while I'm laying over his lap. It's not so hot n sexy then!

    There have been a few times where while arguing he has popped me over his knee so fast that I never saw it coming... then he doesn't spank, but just questions me! It really get my attention and I hate that.

    Maybe your basement needs an armless chair?... just one lone wooden chair.. sitting there to intimidate you! LOL

    I'm just glad we don't have a shed.... OK, we'll we do have a wood shed, but it's full of lawn mowers and such. Not a good spanking place.

    1. Lol, yes it would be intimidating!
      I can see how being questioned in that position would be no fun at all, lol. :)

  2. morning Elle

    usually OTB in this house, though there are times when it is OTK. He has not clicked on yet that it is a very submissive place to be :) Our house is very open so it is always the bedroom, that is ifhe does not give a few quick swats in passing :)

    1. Those swats happen here too, but it doesn't connect in my head with a warning or punishment bit just makes me think he just wants to smack it, lol :)

  3. Hey elle

    We start out with otk, then otk on the bed, now we are on pillows on the bed with Barney beside me. I think we are going to be trying over the loveseat at the end of our bed. He doesn't seem to have the leverage beside me- as you know, it apparently takes ALOT from my HoH to get through.

    He is very resistant to the loveseat idea, but then again he was the first time about the belt to...pfft.

    I'm with Emi, just a card table chair in the backroom might help. If he doesn't want you otk, you can perch yourself up over the back, hands on the seat. Don't blame me if you don't like it though :)

    We have an aluminum shed...but as this is December in Canada would also be an oven in the summer, and I would echo throughout the neighbourhood..bedroom is our only spot


    1. We love in a close little neighborhood. Not super close, but I know our neighbors would wander what the heck was up if we had a shed! And it is cold here now too! I think today is 20 or 25, but wind chill is making it much colder.

      Lol, echoing would not be good!

  4. mostly IN bed on my tummy. him beside me, or behind / on top.

    sometimes otk in bed. he's sitting up and i'm over.

    or presenting. hi'm standing.

    i like otk in bed. feels awesome to have that contact!

  5. We haven't tried that! Maybe one day :)