Thursday, December 27, 2012

The bean bag chair :)

Christmas went off here beautifully. I stayed up late waiting for the kids to fall asleep; someone has to greet Santa. ;) My fireman got our presents from his parents' house and I spent forever arranging and rearranging. I know it doesn't matter to the girls (and certainly not the baby) how the presents are arranged, but it does to me. 

My fireman sat in his chair partly watching 24 hours of A Christmas Story and commenting on how we had wayyy too many presents. We have three kids! Honey, that's enough for 10 kids. It is not. Yes, it is. Well, I really didn't go over budget. I got pretty much everything on sale, the majority on Black Friday. It's still too much

It probably was, but I couldn't help it. Pretty much everything went together. I honestly thought I would be getting a Christmas Eve spanking. In fact, I was sure I would once he saw the amount of presents. I didn't though. He must've had some Christmas spirit! 

We spent most of the day hanging out here, opening and assembling stuff for the kids. We visited some family. Oh! Completely left my wallet at a store on Christmas Eve. Almost figured I'd be in trouble for that, too. I wasn't careful and either left it in the buggy or it fell out of my pocket. Turns out, some sweet person turned it in. With the little bit of cash I had in it!! Lucky lucky! I was very grateful! 

Then yesterday we were organizing and trying to get the girls moved to their room upstairs. I'll finally get my bedroom back once we get this done and move the baby into their room.  I was slightly sassy, but not too bad. I think I maybe got one warning. My fireman was working upstairs and we were being flirty. I went up to check on him and got playfully sassy. He gave me a few fun swats, but we were interrupted. 

I came downstairs and set the girls up with their new play doh sets, got them a snack and drink, and got the baby in bed for a nap. I decided I'd let him ask him for some maintenance (which he says was more punishment for my mouth earlier).  I secretly grabbed his little ping pong paddle and took it upstairs. 
I ended up face down in a bean bag chair with my behind presented to him. Ever been spanked in a bean bag chair? It's kinda hot ;) 

We did some other things in the bean bag chair after... I had no idea when I bought him that chair for Christmas so many years ago that it would be used for dd and extras, lol. 

That's quite a submissive position for you and a dominate one for me. I guess so, you like it? I really do. Me too. (I'll have to keep that one on file). Mainly, I just like that he likes it. I like the submissive feeling and him having the control (I think I've said that one or fifty times before, lol). 

I'm not into true D/s.  I like reading some blogs that practice it, I think it's fascinating. But still, not for me.  I could get into playing it for an evening when it's just the two of us, though.  

I'm still working on (and will be for a long while) being submissive. And I still need to ask my fireman his thoughts on the term. After yesterday, especially. 
I wonder if there is a "submit" button like Staples' (or is it OfficeMax?) "Easy" button? 



  1. Isn't it gratifying when some else returns your lost property! I once had a full suitcase fall unnoticed off the top of my car and it was anonymously returned to me via a local police station. It does help one's faith in one's fellow humans.

    1. Oh my gosh!! That is great that you got it back, too!
      It does make me feel good about humanity. So much bad out there, it's nice to see something good!!

  2. That's right. Submission is not scary, it is fun!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas was had by all! Hmmmmm, we used to have a bean bag, but never put it to such a good use :)

  4. Hi Elle, welcome to blogging - I know I'm a bit late, but welcome nonetheless! Starman and I are very new as well. He's still trying to come to terms with it all. I find the submission bit very difficult, and sometimes I'm not sure who's leading who! Hugs, Ami

    1. Thanks Ami! I know exactly what you mean. I'm trying to let go and I think maybe I do a little more each day!!
      Welcome! I'll check out your blog too!

  5. Thats awesome that you got your wallet back!

    Id say, try not to worry too much about your submission. Its just as much his responsibility as it is yours and it takes a lot of time (in my opinion) to be able to just fall into that role.