Monday, December 10, 2012

DD takes over

I was just checking my email. Mostly to get rid of the little bubble that said 30 above the envelope icon on my iPhone. It annoys me.

Maybe it's because it looks like clutter and I hate clutter. Could someone please tell my family that?  I  think, judging by the amount of toys that are alllllll overrrr my house, my kids don't care how I feel about clutter, lol.

Clutter jail seems like a great idea.

After using google images to search for a clutter image, I've now decided my house is not cluttered. Holy crap. There are some scary clutter images out there.  Want to feel better about your house? Go on over to The images. Frightening. 

As I was checking the ridiculous amount of email, I realized it was mostly junk. I think I ended up keeping two. One of the emails that didn't make the cut was from Betty Crocker. (Yes, I get recipe emails sent to me, don't judge, lol). The subject was "spanking with butter."  
What did I just read?  Ohhhhh. Baking with butter. Delete. Lol. Domestic discipline has taken clearly over my brain. 

And then, there's Big Bang. I'm sure you've heard about it by now. Sheldon spanked Amy!

(Apologies if you have no idea who Sheldon and Amy are. I refer to them as actual people that I know, lol). My fireman would fit on this show. He's a hot nerd. When it comes to the scientific stuff, he knows exactly what they're talking about on the show. I feel like Penny, lol. 
I am wondering what everyone will think about the "Shamy" spanking. As soon as I read about it on Fondlers Anonymous, I told my fireman apparently we need to watch Big Bang from last week. Sheldon and Amy... "Really!?" He said with more enthusiasm than I thought he'd have. He went to our packed full of shows we haven't watched yet DVR and found the current Big Bang episode. We watched and laughed like always. If you haven't seen the show, check it out. It's so funny :) when it came time for the spanking, the DVR cut off! We had to watch the rest online (thanks fondles for already having it on your post!). I was surprised, but I'm still wondering if it will spark any discussion or if it will just go by unnoticed. 



  1. Hi ~Elle,
    It seems DD got you with a Big Bang and your fireman isn't going to rescue you.

    1. I'm afraid the only 'rescuing' that will occur will be otk ;)

  2. I had recorded the episode of Big Bang (initials BB... of course I recorded it! lol) I watched it right after work and when the conversation started heading into the spanking realm I wondered if I was suffering from momentary spankers ear! Did you see the one from the show Community about 2 seasons ago?

    1. Lol :) spankers ear :) I like that one.

      I haven't seen the community one! I started out watching that show, then I got away from it. I think I had a recording conflict.. I can't watch anything in real time, lol. Everything is delayed or watched later.

      I'll have to find that one!

    2. There's also spankers "eye"
      When people begin getting more into the DD lifestyle, they begin to see many items in the house very differently! The items are then called "pervertables"! Converted household items used for more pervertable uses! lol
      I have a blog post about it that I haven't published yet, but honestly I'd love to see newer people's ideas on spankers "eye & ear" and "pervertables.

  3. My Beloved and I could not believe they were REALLY gonna go there. I found it to be suprisingly hot myself. ;)

  4. Poor little Amy has been waiting for that, I think! Lol! Now I wonder if she will keep up the bad behavior to get another one??!!

  5. Thanks for the mention... and you're welcome - lucky thing i had it on my blog... saves you some searching! :)